Milton 819 Heavy Duty Hose Anchor for Rubber Hose Signal Bell


Heavy duty, solid steel hose anchor used at the end of rubber hose or to join two hoses together.

Solid, heavy-duty cast iron anchor for rubber hoses.  The Model 819 Heavy Duty Hose Anchor by Milton is a versatile anchor that can be used at the end of a signal bell hose, or used to merge or splice two pieces of rubber hose together.

To use as an end anchor, keep the included red cap on one end, while connecting the rubber hose on the other end.   To merge two pieces of hose together, simply remove the red cap and connect hoses to each end of the anchor.

There are two holes on each edge of the hose anchor that allows you to put nails or screws to ensure they hose anchor also stays anchored to the ground.

This product is designed for use with a driveway alarm rubber hose kit.  This product is included in the two rubber hose kits marketed by 1800doorbell.  By using this anchor, when pneumatic pressure is generated over the hose by a car driving over it, air is forced to the end of the hose with a signal bell attached to it.

  • Work with rubber hose
  • 5-year warranty
  • Manufactured by Milton


Kit Or Accessory