Can Two Push Buttons Play Different Sounds on a Wireless Chime Receiver

There are ways to cover multiple entrances when using a doorbell system. Click below to read the answer to the question.

When we talk about using doorbell buttons for different doors we are typically referring to changing the tune a receiver (or multiple receivers) play when a paired button is pressed. Each manufacturer has a slightly different way to change the tune the receiver will play and you need to consult the manual or the customer service department for that manufacturer and ask.

Yes, almost all wireless doorbells and door chimes allow for different sounds or melodies to play depending on the button that sends the signal. The Carlon/Dimango brand is one of the easiest to program. All of their wireless chime products will follow this same procedure.

You can program the buttons for different sounds by pressing the small “dimple” on each button and selecting the sound you want to hear for that particular button. Very easy!

For example, the RC4120 has 13 different sound options available, so if you want to cover 13 different doors you would need to purchase 13 push buttons.

Honeywell typically has a different approach. For their products, you typically change the tune on the receiver and ensure that a particular tune is paired with a particular push button.

We have an extensive article on doorbell sounds and melodies. Click that link to learn more about specific sounds and some of our products.

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