Troubleshooting the LRA-DR1000 Driveway Alarm

In most cases, if your LRA-DR1000 is not working correctly, it is because of one of three issues:

1) Photo sensor dip switch is set to nighttime mode only
2) Sensor/transmitter not paired with receiver correctly
3) Weak or dead batteries in sensor/transmitter

1) Photo Sensor Inside Driveway Sensor (outdoor unit) May Be Set to Nighttime Only Mode:

The LRA-DSTX transmitter/sensor has two operating modes, all-day mode and nighttime only mode. Often times, if the transmitter doesn’t seem to be working, it is because the dip switch is set to nighttime mode only.

To check this setting, please take the top cover off the sensor/transmitter an orientate as in the picture.

Once you have the sensor oriented just like the photo, located the photocell dip switch which will be located directly under the “test” button.

For all-day operation, please ensure the switch is pushed all the way down. If you want nighttime only operation, make sure the switch is in the up position.

2) Transmitter is not Paired Correctly with the Receiver:

Watch this short video on YouTube we put together to help with programming the transmitter/sensor with the receiver: Video on Programming the LRA-DSTX to LRA-DCRX Receiver.

a) Push the program button on the receiver until you hear a short tone sound
b) Once you enter program mode, Zone 1 on the receiver will flash. If you want to pair your transmitter to Zone 1, move to step d). If you want to pair to a different zone, go to the next step.
c) Pushing the program button will move to the next zone. For example, when you enter program mode the receiver is in Zone 1. If you want to pair your receiver to Zone 2, pushing the program button again will move it to Zone 2.
d) Once you are in the Zone you want to program, push the melody selector button until you are the sounds you want the receiver to play when the transmitter/sensor is triggered.
e) Push the “test” button on the sensor (see picture above). You will hear two (2) short ton sounds, letting you know the sensor/transmitter is paired with the receiver.
f) If you want to program another transmitter/sensor to the receiver, go back to step c) above. If you are done programming, press the program button to scroll through all the zones. After you scroll past Zone 4, you are done.

3) Make Sure You Have Fresh Batteries:

Make sure you are using new, Alkaline batteries in both the transmitter and receiver.

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