What’s the Difference Between Wired Push Button Mounting Styles

The differences between surface, flush, and the recessed mount will alter the way the push button is mounted. Most wireless push buttons are surface mounted which means they mount directly on the surface, usually an exterior wall next to the front door.

  • Surface mount – this means the item will sit directly on top of the surface you are mounting it to. For our purposes here we mean it will sit directly on top of the wall you are installing the wired button on. Typically this is the easiest mounting option.
  • Flush mount – the plate of the wired button sits or rests on the surface of the wall but the guts of the button will sit inside the wall. With these types of buttons, the electrical components of the button will stick to the wall itself. Although not overly complicated to install, it is a little more involved than a surface mount.
  • Recessed – this is where the entire doorbell push-button mechanism is set inside the wall or mounting surface.

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