Changing the Sound on Your Wireless Door Chime


Changing the Sound on Your Wireless Door Chime

Changing the tune or melody your wireless doorbell chime is slightly different for each model and depends on the manufacturer. Whether you’re installing a new door chime or fixing a problem with an existing wireless door chime, it’s helpful to know the basics of the manufacturer who designed your product.

If you know how to change the sound of a doorbell on a Carlon or Dimango wireless product, you will know how to change it for most of the products they manufacture.

Below is information on how to change or repair the tune or melody for the door chimes found on by brand or manufacturer.

doorbell and door chime sound options

Changing the Melody on GE 7-Sound Door Chimes

GE wireless chimes use dip switches inside the cover of the wireless push button. Dip switches are small switches you push up or down to denote “on” or “off.”

The GE wireless push buttons have three dip switches designed to change the tune. The chart below shows where the dip switches are located inside the cover and what the combination of the dip switches need to be in order for the specific tune to play.

To move the dip switches, take a small screwdriver to slide the dip-switch up or down. For example, to play the “Cuckoo Clock” sound, make sure dip switch one is “on,” dip switch two is “off” and dip switch three is “on.”

Note: when moving the dip switches for tune selection, make sure you are moving the dip-switches associated with tune selection and not the ones for “house codes” which are privacy codes.

Changing the Melody on Honeywell Wireless Chimes

Changing the tune or melody on a Honeywell wireless chime product is similar to the way you would change the tune on a GE 7-Sound Chime (see section above).

For these products, you use a small screwdriver to pry off the doorbell push button cover. Inside you will see a dip switch, labeled “C” with the ability to move it to “1,2 or 3.”

1= Westminster Chime

2=Ding Dong (set by default)


How to Change the Tune Your Heath Zenith Wireless Chime Plays

Changing the specific melody or sound your Heath Zenith emits is fairly straight-forward, but is more involved than most models and brands featured on First, rather than using dip switches, you will need to change jumper settings. Second, you will have to change these jumper settings in both the wireless push button and the wireless receiver.

Although changing jumpers may appear to be difficult, it is easy with a set of tweezers.

Remove the cover from the Heath Zenith wireless push button. Once you have removed the cover, locate the jumpers just to the right of the push button battery. Jumpers 1-7 are for privacy codes so we do not recommend changing them unless you have to. If you do change them, please make sure you match the jumpers in the push button with the Jumpers of the wireless receiver or the system will not be able to communicate. Only Jumper 8 is for changing the doorbell chime.

See the image below to see what the jumper setting should be for your wireless Heath Zenith Door Chime:

Changing the Tune on the DC-1000 by Dakota Alert

The easiest product, as far as changing the door chime is involved, is the DC-1000 by Dakota Alert. To do so, open the front cover of the door chime receiver. Once opened, located the small button with the small musical note located above the button. If you see the larger volume button, the music selector button is the under and to the right of the volume button. To change the tune, simply press the button and the unit will cycle through the available tunes.