DI2000S-A The Driveway Informer Driveway Monitoring Kit


The Driveway Informer – Di2000S-A is a state-of-the-art, super-reliable driveway alarm product. Instantly be alerted in your home or business when a car or person enters your drive.  Made in the USA, it is our best-selling driveway alarm. This system picks up movement from vehicles, people, or animals and instantly alerts the receiver up to 1,000 ft. away.  Expand the system by adding additional receiver chimes, or additional outdoor transmitters.

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A Reliable Wireless Driveway Alarm Made in the USA!

Wireless driveway alarms, like the Di2000S-A, will keep you informed and safe by alerting you when a car, person, or animal enters your driveway or any area you would like to monitor. The system works by sending an alert when the passive infrared motion sensor detector is triggered.

Di2000S-A Receiver In Office Use

These are just a few of the reasons why this wireless driveway alarm has been and continues to be our number one selling monitoring system.  Although this is a best-in-class system to monitor your driveway, it has many uses beyond that.  We have customers who mount transmitters/sensors along fence lines to monitor movement along a property line.  We even have a customer who uses the Di2000S-A  to monitor when his cows break through his fence line–no kidding!

DA50LR-A Receiver for Rodann TXRX1000A Kit Expand or Replace

The Plugin Receiver in this Kit:

The receiver supplied in the kit plugs into a standard wall outlet.  On the back of the receiver is a volume control knob that allows you to adjust the volume according to your preference.   Also on the back of the receiver/speaker are two-terminal screws; one is to power an external speaker, allowing you to hear the chime sound in another room or location.  The second terminal screw is for a live 12-volt output, which can be used to power a variety of accessories such as strobe lights, sirens, counters, X10 interfaces, and virtually any product powered by 12 volts.

The Transmitter in this Kit

The transmitter/sensor in this kit is the TX2000A (Di2000T-A) by Rodann Electronics. When a car passes through the monitored zone, the sensor sends a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. away to the plugin receiver shown above.

Driveway Informer Illustration RXTX2000A

Click to hear RX2000A Receiver Sounds

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 7.25 × 3.5 in

Safeguard Supply



Wireless Features

Expandable, External Speaker Output, Live 12V DC Output, Multi-Zone, Volume Control


1 Year

Wireless Range

1000 ft.



Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
G.A. (Northport, US)
Review-wireless driveway sensor and base station

The entire process, from ordering to installation, was flawless. The unit was installed and operational in minutes. Liked the tracking notifications.

J.W. (Franklin, US)
Great product

Arrived in timely fashion easy to install and has been working greatly.

B.B. (Aurora, US)
Finally - A Driveway Monitor that works as promised

Tried two other driveway monitor manufacturers to no avail. The DI2000 finally provides the consistent reliable alarms I need.
No issues. Would recommend to a friend.

Good product, Good Seller

I like the construction of these items. They function as advertised and are extra long range. The different tones are great. I have 3 transmitters and am able to tell which one is activated by setting them to different tones. The receiver has a volume control and the normal volume is good but since I am nearly deaf I ordered the PA-Speaker and it is super loud. Most people wouldn't need it but I do. I am very happy with the Rodann Driveway Monitor and recommend it.

J.S. (Midland City, US)

works very well Thanks.


d.j. (Tacoma, US)
they work Great !!

I have these same drive way monitors but the old style, My original reciever quit on me ( 15 + years old ) so I had to order a new version one, they work great, I got a couple extra transmitters so I'm well covered , both driveways and the side of the shop.

M.R.D. (Buena Vista, US)
Great service

Quick shipping. Great product. Will definitely order from them again

R. (Saint Helens, US)
Driveway alarm

I’ve been using these alarms for 6 years now with very little down time , and have gifted them to my family members as well, best one on the market. Rg

J.W. (Allison Park, US)
Long range

This is the best driveway alarm. Great range and reliable.

S.S. (Oscoda, US)
Works great

We love the door bell alarm, it is everything we were looking for in a driveway alarm.

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