Rechargeable LED Votive Candle Video

With an economical price tag and a realistic glow, these votive candles by Dimango are a perfect addition to your home. The FPC1434 comes packaged as a set of 4 LED votive and handy recharging station. The candles have a warm, orange glow, which always stays cool to the touch. They look great in candle holders, votive and flower arrangements. They do not take batteries, and stay lit for days. When the flame begins to dim, simply set them on the recharging base for a few hours and they are ready to be used again. A beautiful and safer alternative to real candles. View the following video to get a glimpse of the votive in use.

Carlon LED Window Candles Video

Flameless LED candles would make a great addition to your home this holiday season. They give the illusion of being a real candle without the dangers of actually burning a real candle. This LED candle will give off either a white or orange realistic glow. It will also flicker just like a real candle does. The candles are available with either a standard or deluxe base which comes in three finishes. These finishes include pweter, bronze, or antique bronze. Most of the flameless LED candles are battery powered so you will not need to mess with extension cords. The candles use LED bulbs which will never get hot and virtually last a lifetime. Keep in mind these candles are eligable for quantity discounts.

1225L Christmas Tree Ornament Light Controller Video

Tired of crawling under the tree to find the light switch for your Christmas Tree lights? This simple idea is a back saver! This lighting control is cleverly designed as an ornament to compliment your tree. The product ships in 3 easy to install pieces: the ornament, a receptacle box and wire to connect the 2. The receptacle box plugs into a standard outlet around your tree and the ornament and wire attached them together. Simply plug your lights into the receptacle box and with a simple "touch" to the controlling ornament displayed beautifully on your tree, the lights can be turned on or off. So simple, and a MUST HAVE for your tree next year. Watch the following video for a demonstration and...

DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Chime Product Video

A problem inherent with residential units is they don't have the range for commercial applications. The thicker walls, concrete, metal,and other materials cut down on the effective wireless range. The DC-1000 is an attractive long range product with a range of up to 1,000 ft. from transmitter to receiver, giving the power you need in commercial location. This product is packed with other features as well. Please take a moment to watch this short video that outlines some of the basic product features.

LH-2500 Long Range Wireless Entrance Alert Video Review

This product is an entrance alert with an amazing 2500 foot range from door to receiver. Perfect for use in businesses who need more range than the standard entrance alert provides. Also, great for residential use to monitor doors being opened by children or the elderly. The tiny transmitter mounts quickly at the door and door-frame. When the door is opened, and the contact is broken, the plug in receiver will chime instantly alerting you that someone coming in or going out of the door. The receiver can be plugged in wherever you need to hear the chime and additional receivers can be added on to the system if you need to expand the listening area. To see a demonstration of how this product...

LH-2500 A Long Range Chime for Business Video

The LH-2500 is a hard working, long range door chime designed for businesses or locations who need a 2500 ft. range. This kit comes equipped with 2 pieces- 1 wireless transmitter push button, and 1 plug in chime receiver. If one chime is not enough, and you need to hear the bell in multiple locations, additional transmitters can be added on to the system. Because the system gives you the option of 4 different chime sounds, you can choose the most pleasant sound for your application. This door bell is the perfect choice, when a standard doorbell just doesn't have the juice to get the job done. Watch the short video below for a demonstration of this great product.

The Doggie Doorbell Introduction Video

Save your doors with this creative, new doorbell designed specially for your dog! That's right, a doggy doorbell is now available for your dog to alert you when it is time to go out, or come back in the door. This system is so easy to use and requires no tools or wiring. It is also cleverly designed to hold treats, to help train your pet to use the doorbell regularly. Fun and easy to use, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood when you install the new Doggy Doorbell in red or blue. Watch the product in action using the link below.

Honeywell Door Chime Products Video Intro

From a name you can trust, comes a new and expanded choice of residential door chimes. Honeywell offers many great reasons to invest in a new chime. They offer many products that allow you to customize the chimes sound. Download a favorite song, or celebrate a season or holiday with just the right sound. Delight your guests with a favorite school fight song or theme. Many styles are also available to help you find just the right statement to match your home. From stainless steel to pain-table chimes, the options are endless. Honeywell has also added portable chimes to allow you to take your doorbell with you. Never miss an important delivery or visitor again, because you are upstairs or in the back yard...

Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock for the Hearing Impaired

Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Video Review Transcript Fredrik Ahlström: With the new range of alarm clocks from Bellman and Symfon, you no longer have to worry that you might oversleep because you can choose to wake up from a loud alarm, a high intensity flashing light, a strong vibration or why not all three at once.Anders Lenning: The alarm clock from Bellman and Symfon is equipped with a speaker delivering more than 100 decibel sound output. In addition, the alarm is sweeping through multiple frequencies. The special designed alarm will therefore cover most of the hearing losses. We have added four high intensity LED flashes. That is the same type as you will find in the camera flash in smartphones.Waking up to flashing lights...

Digi-Wave Tour Guide System Video

What is the Digi-Wave digital listening system? It is essentially the backbone of the Williams Sound Tour Guide system. It includes the DLT-100 and DLR-50. The DLT-100 is a transceiver and the DLR-50 is just a receiver. They are both battery powered and have a wireless range of up to 100 ft indoors and 200 ft outdoors. An unlimited number of transceivers and receivers can be used as long as they stay within the given range. You can use either a headset or the built in microphone and speaker to operate the device.