Single Tier Flameless LED Window Candle w/ Orange Flame Multiple Base Color

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Each of these LED Candles is packed with features and each candle is available for under $10!  The “dusk to dawn” feature turns you candle on and off, the LED flickers in a warm yellow color.  Available in three different base colors.


This single tier LED window candle is the perfect compliment to decorate your home this holiday season.    Each candle features a LED bulb that never gets hot to the touch and will last a lifetime.  Powered by 2 x AA Alkaline batteries, the auto shut off / turn on feature will mean you don’t have to manage this candle (once you set it up) and the batteries should last the entire holiday season.

Available on these candles is “flicker mode” which makes the warm yellow/orange flame color flicker like a real flame.  The base of this candle is narrow enough to sit on most window sills.

  • LED bulb, never gets hot and lasts a lifetime
  • Bulb burns a warm orange/yellow color
  • Settings include off, on, and flicker mode
  • Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Dusk to Dawn photo cell turns candles on and off
  • Available in three different base colors
    • FPC1215 ABZ – this is an aged bronze finish/color of the candle base.  You may also see this candle listed on other websites as the model FPC1215A
    • FPC1215B – aged brass finish/color
    • FPC1215P – aged platinum finish/color



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We love the candles. My wife was born in eastern Pennsylvania where most windows have candles year round .

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Ordered flickering candles for the holidays. They work great. Service was easy and delivery quick