8000HOSE Rubber Hose for Signal Bell Kits for Driveway Alarm

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Buy a rubber hose to create a driveway alarm rubber hose signal bell kit in a variety of lengths of 100′, 200′, and 300′.  For customer lengths, please call for details.

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Rubber hose for use in pneumatic driveway alarm kits.   When a car or truck drives over this rubber hose, the air pressure triggers a signal bell to sound a buzzer sound. Purchase rubber hose in lengths of 100′, 200′, and 300′, or please feel free to call us for a custom length. This hose is created to replace the existing hose or build your driveway alarm kits.  To build your kit, you will need the following for a basic configuration:

– Rubber hose (100′, 200′, or 300′ lengths available)
– Signal bell or buzzer
– Hose anchor
– Mounting brackets or clips
– Connector fittings
– Installation instructions

With the rubber hose provided in lengths of 100′, 200′, and 300′, our pneumatic driveway alarm kits offer a reliable and efficient solution for detecting vehicle movement. Designed specifically for this purpose, the rubber hose is durable and flexible, ensuring long-lasting performance.

When a car or truck drives over the rubber hose, the air pressure within the hose triggers a signal bell or buzzer, alerting you to the presence of a vehicle. This simple yet effective mechanism provides an immediate notification, enhancing the security and convenience of your driveway.

Whether you need to replace an existing hose or build a new driveway alarm kit from scratch, our rubber hose is the perfect choice. It is compatible with various pneumatic system components, including air pressure sensors, which can be easily integrated into your setup.

To assemble your own driveway alarm kit, you will require the following components for a basic configuration:

1. Rubber Hose: Choose from our available lengths of 100′, 200′, or 300′, depending on the size and layout of your driveway. In case you have specific requirements, we also offer custom lengths tailored to your needs. Simply give us a call, and our team will assist you in determining the right length for your project.

2. Signal Bell or Buzzer: Select a signal bell or buzzer that suits your preferences and matches the level of alertness you desire. These devices emit a distinct sound when triggered by the change in air pressure within the rubber hose.

3. Pneumatic System Components: Along with the rubber hose, you will need additional pneumatic system components to complete your setup. These may include air pressure sensors, which detect the pressure change when a vehicle passes over the hose, and transmit the signal to activate the bell or buzzer.

4. Mounting Brackets or Clips: Depending on your installation method, you may require mounting brackets or clips to secure the rubber hose in place. These accessories ensure stability and prevent any accidental dislodgement.

5. Connector Fittings: Connectors are essential for joining the rubber hose to the pneumatic system components. They facilitate a secure and leak-free connection, ensuring optimal performance of your driveway alarm kit.

6. Installation Instructions: We provide detailed installation instructions to guide you through the setup process. These step-by-step instructions will assist both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in assembling the kit correctly.

Additionally, we offer a range of optional accessories and components for further customization of your driveway alarm kit. These may include wireless receivers, multiple signal bells for different zones, or even integration with existing security systems.

At our company, we strive to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. Our rubber hose and driveway alarm kits have been trusted by homeowners, businesses, and security professionals alike. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to order your rubber hose and start building your own reliable and efficient driveway alarm kit.

1) Rubber hose

2) Milton 805 Signal Bell

3) Milton 819 Hose Anchor

Need to splice the rubber hose together, use the HOSE-SPLICE stainless steel barb hose fitting to join the two rubber hose lengths together.



Hose Length

25 ft., 50 ft., 100 ft., 200 ft., 300 ft.


1 Year

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Sensor Type


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