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Get Creative! The Most Interesting Doorbell Ideas…Ever

Learn how to decorate your doorbell with paint, wood stain, or even wallpaper. Also learn about other creative ways people use our doorbells.

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Choosing the Range of Your Wireless Door Chime

The range of your wireless door chime, entrance alert, and driveway alarm is probably the most important factor you need to consider prior to purchasing a product. The range given by the manufacturer may be different than the actual operating range you experience with your product. This article covers wireless range, factors that affect range, and tips on how to improve the range of your products.

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Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers & Buttons

A doorbell isn’t just about the sound it makes, or the technical aspects of the chime. A doorbell is a decorative accent to your home. When people enter your home, one of the first things they see is your doorbell.
You’ve spent a ton of money decorating your home with nice drapes, furniture, and art work, but left that “plain Jane,” builder-grade doorbell in your foyer…you’re not builder grade! Take down that doorbell and install something that reflects who you are.
This article reviews our “Top 5 Decorative Doorbell Covers,” and “Top 5 Doorbell Buttons.” Although these may not be what you are specifically looking for, we hope this article inspires you to find exactly what you want.

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Wired Vs. Wireless Doorbells

In the past, the decision between a wireless doorbell or wired doorbell was an easy one. If you home was wired for a wired doorbell, you went that route because wireless doorbells and chimes were, frankly, ugle things. Wireless door chimes had more features, but lacked the design decor people wanted in their homes and in many cases, didn’t have the range home owners need.
In smaller homes, range may not have been an issue, you may have wanted features only contained with wireless devices, and therefore, wireless was your choice. Today, the lines have blurred. Wireless devices now have strong reliable signalling capability and in many cases are as pretty as their wired counterparts. Many wired doorbells are packed […]

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The History of the Doorbell

We take it for granted…that thing you don’t appreciate when it is working and hate when it’s not….the lonely doorbell. Doorbells and door chimes, or forms of them, have been around for a very long time. In Roman times, home owners had wind chimes, knockers, and other devices visitors could use to announce their presence.
This article covers a brief outline of doorbells and their history. It’s a fun article with pictures and other information you might find useful. We would also like to thank the photographers who own these pictures for letting us use them in this article.

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Choosing Doorbells for the Hearing Impaired & Elderly

As we age, one of the first things “to go” is our hearing. Things we took for granted in our younger years like hearing the phone ring, the television, or the front doorbell buzz are all things we miss dearly in our older years.
It’s not just a convenience factor, there are safety reason we need to have products we can hear or see. Fire alarms, visitors at the door, or emergency phone calls are just a few examples. We carry over 100 products at 1800doorbell.com designed with the hard of hearing in mind. From simple door chimes with a bright flashing strobe light, to alarm clocks that vibrate your pillow, they are all designed for ease of use and effectiveness. […]

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Reviews & Advice on Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell

We know it might feel a little overwhelming when you’re trying to select a doorbell for your home or office. Wireless doorbells have come a long way over the years.
Most “residential” grade wireless product top out with a range at the 150 ft., with some models hitting 300 ft. While this is fine for most homes, offices and commercial applications have too many environmental factors that will degrade a wireless signal. For that, you need something with more “punch,” with ranges of 500ft or more.
This article explains many of our residential and commercial wireless door chime products in a review format to give you information on how to choose a wireless door chime and reviews of some of the wireless door chimes we recommend.

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Holiday Doorbells Music

Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, and Custom sounds

This page is packed full of information regarding doorbell and door chime sounds and sound effects. One of the advantages of electronic door chimes is the number of tunes they play. Technology has come a long way and many of them have extremely realistic sound effects.
Whether you are looking for traditional doorbell sounds, holiday sounds, fun sounds, or something you can program yourself, take a look at this page to hear them. We have sounds loaded from the top manufactures for you to preview the sound prior to purchase.

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Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable

In the wireless doorbell world, the future is here now. Modern doorbells are coming out at a fast rate and are loaded with modern day futures even George Jetson would be proud of.
Many are programmable, meaning you have the ability with a built-in microphone and/or usb port to upload any mp3 or mp4 song or tune you want. Halloween? Put on a zombie sound when someone pushes the doorbell at your front door. There are countless possibilities with these products.

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The 20 Most Ridiculous Redneck Doorbells

And who said doorbells were boring? Not us! This is a fun article where we compiled twenty pictures of wacky and crazy doorbells people actually use. These are not push button contraptions we staged, these are real doorbell push buttons we have found that people actually us!
If you have your own wacky doorbell, or have seen others out there, please let us know.

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