Milton 825 Driveway Signal Air Switch Driveway Alarm


Driveway Signal Air Switch. Used to power multiple Remote Chimes 830 and Remote Bells 827. Up to 300 feet of Driveway Signal Hose. Must also use Anchor & Hose Plug 819 with hose.

The Milton 825 remote controlled air switch, meaning it is not wirelss, but rather someting from a remote location activates the current in the switch.

This particular product use air pressure from a connected rubber hose.  When air is forced through the rubber hose, such as a car entering the drive through of a dry-clearner, the air pressure created when the car roles over the hose “switches” the air switch.  This activation is the equivalent of flipping a switch to another device such as a signal bell, siren, or strobe light for example.

  • May be used with voltages from 6 volts to 220 volts, 10 amps max
  • Weatherproof outer case ensure product works outdoors as well as indoors
  • Durable outer box ensures product withstands tough environment
  • Easy access to terminals to connect and integrate with other devices
  • Burn out proof coil


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