Milton 802 Driveway Signal Chime Driveway Alarm


This driveway alarm signal bell plays a ding sound when it is triggered by an external device, typically a driveway alarm signal hose.  This product is not a stand alone product, but part of a kit.

We feel like our wireless driveway alarm products are extremely reliable, but frankly speaking, there’s nothing more reliable than a driveway alarm signal hose kit.  When a car passes over the hose, the pneumatic pressure generated signal this driveway singal bell chime to play a “ding” sound.

Comparable to the Milton 805 signal bell, this product plays more of a gentle chime sound, or a “ding” versus the slightly louder, ding-dong played by the Milton 805.   Click the link below to hear the sound (make sure you speakers are turned up.)

This driveway signal chime works in conjunction with the Anchor & Hose Plug 8193350517 and driveway signal hose up to 300 feet. Milton Driveway Signal Chime (6 1/4 in long x 3 in high x 1 3/4 in deep).

Offers an instant signal every time. Operates on 110 volt electric and up to 300′ of signal hose. Absolutely no false alerts.

  • Manufactured by Milton
  • For use as a replacement part or to complete a driveway signal hose kit


Kit Or Accessory