Carlon DH920 12V DC All Purpose Enclosed Buzzer

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All purpose enclosed buzzer for use on single door operation.  This is an enclosed unit that is light and compact.  Use a wired pushbutton and a transformer to have a doorbell buzzer kit.

Most business don’t really want a decorative doorbell.  They tend to want something that is simple but does a good job at what it was intended to do….generate a loud sound when the wired button is pressed.  The DH920 is a small, compact buzzer by Carlon that generates a loud buzzing sound when activated.

Ideal for warehouses, workshops, or other areas where gentle musical tones just won’t cut it.

Small, compact buzzer that packs a punch.  Use this wired buzzer in an existing installation or create a new doorbell kit.  To create a wired buzzer system, you will need the following items:

  • 16 Volt, 10 VA transformer (DH905)
  • 20 AWG Bell Wire (DH965)
  • A Wired doorbell button
  • Single door operation
  • For use with 16 volt AC transformer
  • Width 4.8”, Length 1.38”, Height 5.8”, Weight 3.36 oz


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door bell

Just what I was looking for and couldn't find locally ! Perfect sound level that I can hear . Thank you .

Fantastic support!

I am using a buzzer for sometime completely different than most people that purchase from 1800Doorbell. They couldn't have been more helpful when I called. I purchased the entire "set up" that I needed.

Keith, I am so glad that we could make it work for you! It was a new one for us!