Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, and Custom sounds

holiday doorbells music 730x445

Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, and Custom sounds

Holiday Doorbells Music 730X445


Visit our page, Wired Door Chime & Wireless Receiver Sounds, for a comprehensive list of our receiver sounds.

Wired Door Chime & Wireless Receiver Sounds Sound can have a big effect upon how we feel, set the scene and convey a certain mood. Having a number of chimes gives you the opportunity to express yourself in different ways. Chimes can be pleasant, charming, entertaining, interesting, whimsical and even humorous. No matter what model you choose, you’re going to be hearing its chime fairly often – so having a number of sound options is a definite plus. You will certainly never be bored! Consider the emotional responses evoked by door chime sounds along with the functionality of door bells, such as:

  • Welcoming: Your doorbell is one of the first forms of greeting that your visitor or customer receives from you. Choose anything from Ding-Dong to Joy To The World and more.
  • Setting the scene: Think of doorbell chimes as an extension of your personality and the ambiance or atmosphere of your home or business. Pick something cool or vintage that reflects you and your personality.
  • Joking: There are many funny sound effects, like animal sounds, for instance the Duck Quack.
  • Celebrating: Choose something perfect for the holidays, birthdays, your anniversary and more. Some units even feature the Wedding March and others include Take Me Out To The Ball Game.
  • Useful and convenient: You may prefer sounds that are purely functional and basic such as Ding-Dong or very loud, like the trumpets in Reveille.
  • Warning and security: No one sneaks up on you with a Dog Bark doorbell sound effect.

Select Doorbells and Sounds for Business or Home Use

Whichever brand or model of door chime you purchase at 1800doorbell, that chime can help set the tone for the interaction you will soon have with the customer or visitor that triggers it.  Try a classic sound effect, or maybe an upbeat tune for 4th of July or a scary Halloween door chime. (These options are all available on the iChime recordable doorbell.) Many of our models come complete with lots of sound options. On some models, you will have so many doorbell sound choices that you might never even get around to listening to all the sounds. Sample a few door chimes from our list below. Your new model may offer 8 sounds, 13 sounds – or even an infinite number of completely custom sounds that you can record yourself. Let’s take a look at some of your engaging choices.

Top 10 Doorbell Sounds

Sounds are Free when you purchase the indicated doorbell Here’s a look at our Top 10 most awesome and amazing sounds – and the best of the rest. You can hear the individual sounds on the Top 10 list by clicking the sound’s name/link below. (Once you hear the tune, use your browser “back” button to come back to this page and continue reading.) OR check out all the doorbell sound options at the bottom of the page and see if you agree with our Top 10!

10) Ding and Ding Dong These are dramatically classic options that must be on any respectable Top 10 list! (These sound options, “ding” and “ding dong”, are included on every doorbell mentioned on this page. All of these doorbells have at least 3 sound choices – or more.)

9) Beethovens 5th Just a little higher on the amazing chime melody list is this classical theme familiar to everyone – even if you don’t know it by name! Da-da-da-da… (This sound is Included on doorbells with 13 sound options)

8) Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne Tied for the #8 position: Major seasonal sounds for Christmas and New Year’s celebration. Should old acquaintance be forgot… (Included on doorbells with 8 sound options)

7) Happy Birthday This is great to use if you’re hosting a birthday party! You’ll give a subtle hint when the birthday boy-or-girl enters the house – and make all the other guests smile as they arrive. (Included on doorbells with 13 sound options)

6) Star Spangled Banner Broad stripes and bright stars! O’ say can you see! Perfect for your 4th of July BBQ – or Memorial Day or Flag Day. (Included on doorbells with 6 sound options)

5) Dixie Old times there are not forgotten! You must have this choice on your list if you live anywhere in the South! Or if you were born or raised in the South. Or if you just like the South. A great combo between nostalgia and patriotism. (Included on doorbells with 8 sound options)

4) Bell then Dog Bark and I’ll Get It These are two useful sounds! They can provide a bit of security when unwanted visitors arrive! (Both only available on the iCHIME recordable doorbell, which includes 50 options)

3) Take Me out to the Ballgame A vintage ode to America’s favorite sport. Don’t forget to “buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!” The old saying goes “as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie,” but peanuts and cracker jacks are great too. If you’re a hockey or basketball fan, you will still get a kick out of this catchy tune! (Included on doorbells with 13 sound options)

2) The Yellow Rose of Texas Play the very-recognizable notes of this old West classic. Good for Texans – and anyone nostalgic for yesteryear. Warning, people may dance on your doorstep to this one! (Included on doorbells with 13 sound options)

1) Fantasia This doorbell chime gives a magical-sounding welcome to your visitors. It sounds like a magic wand being waved. This doorbell sound made #1 on our list. What do you think? (Included on Honeywell doorbells with at least 4 sound options, models RCWL200A and RCWL210A.)

NOTES: The sounds listed above are available on all these brands: Carlon; Dimango; Lamson & Sessions; and Thomas & Betts, unless otherwise labeled in the description. Need more information? Ask us anything! Contact the experts at 1800Doorbell today!

7 Excellent Doorbells that Include Free Doorbell Sounds

A sampling of the most popular door chime products from Dimango, Carlon (Thomas and Betts) brand doorbells from

7) Wireless Door Chime Kit by Carlon – (with 13 sound options) – Model RC3250 $34.98 on sale

  • Plug-in receiver (speaker) delivers full quality sound and volume control
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet (transmitter to receiver)
  • Set the sound option at the transmitter
  • 32 codes for privacy, prevents interference from neighboring doorbells
  • Includes push button. (batteries already installed)
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Sound options include: Happy Birthday and Beethovens 5th and 11 more!

6) Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime – (6 sound effects) – Model RC3733D $21.98 on sale

  • Budget priced, quality doorbell
  • Compact, sleek design
  • 6 door chime sound options
  • 150 ft. range
  • Plugs in to standard electrical outlet
  • Extra speakers available
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Sound options include: Star Spangled Banner and Hail Hail the Gangs All Here and 4 more!

5) Simple Two Sound Door Chime with Push Button (2 chime options) – Model RC3105 $18.98 on sale

  • Economy, affordable and easy on your budget, battery-powered door chime
  • 2 unique sounds (front and back door)
  • 75 ft. range
  • 32 codes blocking interference
  • Uses 3-AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Sound options: Ding and Ding Dong

4) Battery Chime with High Quality Sound(3 sound options) – Model RC4300 $67.98 on sale

  • Wireless and battery-powered
  • Excellent sound quality (sounds as good as a hardwired system)
  • 4-inch speaker
  • 32 changeable codes prevent interference
  • 3 selectable sounds
  • Select sound option at push button
  • 150 ft. range
  • 5-year warranty
  • Sound options:Ding, Ding Dong, and Westminster Chime

3) Honeywell 450 ft. Wireless Range, Stylish, 8 Melodies Available! (8 doorbell options) -Model RCWL3501A $69.98 sale price

  • Decorating options – choose from 6 different finishes/colors
  • Longer 450 ft. range
  • 6 tunes you can assign to a particular door
  • Add with up to 5 push buttons, for a total of 6 buttons
  • Excellent CD-quality sound
  • Versatile, mount receiver/speaker vertically or horizontally
  • Push button uses RC2032 battery (included) and
  • Speaker uses4 x C-size batteries (not included)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Sound options include: Warm Brass and St. Clements and 6 more!

2) Instant Wireless Door Chime Kit by GE(8 sound options) – Model 19297 $23.98 As the awesome runner-up and #2 in our super doorbell list, the GE 8-chime is in a class by itself. This simple to install unit comes with 2 buttons for 2 separate doors. You have the option to add up to 2 more buttons (doorbell transmitters). Hear the GE 8-chime sound options here.

  • Assign different chime sounds to different doors – know exactly which door to answer
  • Transmission range from button to receiver (speaker) up to 150 ft.
  • Use up to 4 wireless push buttons
  • Door chime speaker (receiver) takes 3 x C-size alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Wireless button (transmitters) use 1 x CR2032 batteries (included)
  • One-year warranty
  • Manufactured by JASCO under a license from GE
  • Sound options include: Knock Knock Knock, Good Vibes and Mozart and 5 more! Hear the GE 8-chime sound options here.

1) The iChime Doorbell – Your Personalized Doorbell Library Whatever Sound or Tune You Want, The iChime Recordable Chime Can Play It! Model ICHIME $87.25 The iChime doorbell is a programmable device – you can record anything you like with the built-in microphone. Record your voice or from a CD or mp3 music file. This doorbell offers the ultimate in customization. You can let your creativity go wild with the iChime. You are free to create your own “library” of door chime sounds – or choose from the many built-in doorbell sound choices. That’s right, this personalizable doorbell also comes stocked with sounds: With creativity and convenience, you get the best of both worlds with the iChime. That’s why it’s #1 on our list! About the iCHIME sounds: This doorbell includes a huge library of cool doorbell sounds. Just take a look at this list of categories:

  • Halloween sounds (9 options including Wolf Howl)
  • Fun sounds (Amaze your friends with farm animal doorbell sounds like Duck Quack and Horse Whinny. These could also be fun if there’s a toddler in the house learning the animal sounds. 13 total options in this category – also includes I’ll Get It and Bell then Dog Bark which helps to deter unwelcome visitors.)
  • Favorites (6 options including Reveille, The Marine Hymn and La Cucaracha)
  • Special occasion chimes (like the Wedding March and Valentine’s Song, 7 options)
  • And many more doorbell sounds all included FREE with doorbell purchase.

iChime features include:

  • 50 sound options! Hear the iChime doorbell sound options at the bottom of this page! (scroll down to the huge iChime list)
  • Record and store up to 6 user recordings! OR
  • Play any single built-in doorbell sound OR set it to play twice per button-push for a longer doorbell sound OR
  • Enjoy variety: the iChime can cycle between all built-in sounds within a category. This is a great party option for Halloween – or whenever you want some variety.
  • Replaces any wired door chime instantly
  • Easy set-up instructions for a true DIY doorbell installation
  • Quality-built large speaker delivers full, rich sound
  • Mount horizontally OR vertically for your decorative needs
  • Versatile 4-level volume control
  • Requires: 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • No software necessary
  • NOTE: This is not a wireless doorbell
  • Get the iChime here! Special sale price $87.25

Listen for Yourself: Doorbell Library of Sounds

Listen before you buy! Preview the sounds of the wireless plug-in, battery-operated and hard-wired doorbells available at below. The door chime sounds are FREE and pre-installed in the door chime products. If you have a question or need assistance choosing the perfect doorbell for your needs – just contact 1800Doorbell online or call us at 1-800-366-7235! To hear the Carlon, Dimango, Lamson & Sessions, and Thomas & Betts doorbell sounds, click each melody’s name below. We suggest opening each link in a new tab. Be sure to browse our selection of wireless battery-operated doorbells when you’re done!

Carlon, Dimango Doorbell and Door Chime Sounds

 Carlon, Dimango Wireless Doorbells & Chimes Sound Clips
For Models with 3 Sound Options:
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
For Models with 6 Sound Options:
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound4. Star Spangled Banner
Arrow To Play Chime Sound5. Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here
Arrow To Play Chime Sound6. Jingle Bells
For Models with 8 Sound Options:
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound4. Star Spangled Banner
Arrow To Play Chime Sound5. Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here
Arrow To Play Chime Sound6. Jingle Bells
Arrow To Play Chime Sound7. Auld Lang Syne
Arrow To Play Chime Sound8. Dixie
For Models with 13 Sound Options:
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound4. Star Spangled Banner
Arrow To Play Chime Sound5. Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here
Arrow To Play Chime Sound6. Jingle Bells
Arrow To Play Chime Sound7. Auld Lang Syne
Arrow To Play Chime Sound8. Dixie
Arrow To Play Chime Sound9. The Yellow Rose of Texas
Arrow To Play Chime Sound10. Happy Birthday
Arrow To Play Chime Sound11. Beethoven’s 5th
Arrow To Play Chime Sound12. Joy To The World
Arrow To Play Chime Sound13. Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Hear the GE 8-Sound Chimes right here. You can listen to a 4-sound sampling of the GE 8 full, deep and rich sound effects. You will hear: Dong bell sound, Gong sound, Cuckoo Clock and Lighthouse Foghorn with Ocean Waves. For feature list – and to purchase one of the GE 8-sound doorbells, click here. To hear the 8 sounds included on the Instant Wireless Door Chime Kit by GE, manufactured by JASCO – just watch the short video below. The sounds include: Knock-knock, Fanfare, Patriotic (Star Spangled Banner), Mozart and 4 more. To get more details – or to purchase this GE 8-sound doorbell, click here.

Honeywell Door Chime Sounds

To hear Honeywell doorbell sound sounds, click each sound’s name below. Then use the back arrow on your browser (back arrow is typically on the upper left) to return to this page for more.

Honeywell Door Chime Sounds
Honeywell Wireless Chime Models w/ 3 Sound Options: RCWL300A, RCWL105A
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. St. Clements
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Ding(for RCWL105A St. Clements sound is replaced with “Ding” sound
For Models with 6 Sound Options: RCWL330A,RCWL3501-RCWL3506A,RCWL251A,RCWL250A,
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. St. Clements
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound4. Tube Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound5. Warm Brass
Arrow To Play Chime Sound6. Fantasy
Honeywell RCWL200A and RCWL210A
Arrow To Play Chime Sound1. Ding Dong
Arrow To Play Chime Sound2. Fantasia
Arrow To Play Chime Sound3. Westminster Chime
Arrow To Play Chime Sound4. Smart Saxophone

IChime Doorbell Sounds

To listen to the IChime Programmable Doorbell sounds, click each sound’s name below. The iCHIME hard-wired doorbell can play any single built-in selection, or for more variety, it can cycle between all built-in sounds within a category. You can also record up to 60 seconds total in 6 different locations and select the one you want when you want. To Buy the IChime or learn more information about it, click here iChime can play any single built in selection or for more variety, it can cycle between all built-in sounds within a category. You can also record up to 60 seconds total in 6 different locations and select the one you want when you want. To Buy the IChime or learn more information about it, click here

Westminster 1Arpeggio Bells St. Michaels
Ding Dong 1 Westminster 2 Ding Dong Song
Whittier ChimesDing Dong 2  
Good King WenceslasO Christmas Tree Carol of the Bells
Joy to the World We Wish You a Merry  
Deck The Halls Jingle Bells, sung  
Sneaky Organ Music Butler Answers Door Wolf Howl
Beethoven’s Fifth Scream with Music Sinister Laugh & Music
ThunderWitch “Come in” Woman Screaming
La Cucaracha Reveille 
Call to the Post Yankee Doodle  
DixieThe Marine Hymn  
Fun Sounds
Bell then Dog Bark Hello Hello Hello Jazzy Music
“I’ll Get It!” Cuckoo Clock Rooster
“Some Ding-A-Ling” Siren, Police Arriving Cow Moo
Duck Quack Horse Whinny “Someone at the Door!”
Vicious Dog Bark   
Special Occasions
Pomp & Circumstance Happy Birthday Star Spangled Banner
Auld Lang Syne Happy Anniversary  
Valentine’s Song Wedding March  


Craftmade Wired Doorbell Sounds:

 Craftmade Doorbell Sounds
For Models with 3 Sound Options:
Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, And Custom SoundsC102L, C102L-BZ, C102X2L, C105L-DW, C105L-W, CAB-RC, CAR-RC, CBB-PR, CBGW-CNV, CBR-DW, CB-REC, CBR-W, CH1505-BK, CH1515-BK, CH1801-ST, CH1901-SS, CH1902-DM, CH1902W-DM, CH2401-UO, CH2601-AZ
Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, And Custom SoundsCAC-FZ, CH1201-AWD, CH1201-BK, CH5201-BK, CH5202-DO, CL-DW, CL-W
Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, And Custom SoundsC3-PW,CA3-RC
Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, And Custom SoundsC4-PW, CA4-RC
Doorbell Chimes, Seasonal Themes, And Custom SoundsCAT-RC, CH1202-DO, CTPW-DW, CTPW-RG, CTPW-W, MECH-WL

Music” by Steve Snodgrass is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Custom Doorbell Sounds for Holidays & Events

When a holiday or big event is approaching, why not celebrate in a really unique way? Custom doorbells can put a smile on your face every time you–or a visitor–enters your home. Since most people ignore this little detail, family, friends or party guests will really enjoy the surprise of a custom doorbell tune. Imagine your guests arriving at your door festively greeted by a Christmas doorbell. Before you even answer the door, your visitors are welcomed in a creative manner that is just right for the season.

Holiday Doorbells Music 730X445 1
holiday doorbells music 730×445 1

Many Doorbells to Choose from — and a DIY Option

Even if you’re not planning a big party, you can still celebrate the season in a special way that is all your own by using the ringtones available in your wired or wireless doorbell. You can find quality doorbells from the best brands at 1800Doorbell. These doorbells offer you choices of different doorbell tones, tunes and songs to use as the mood strikes you. You can choose a doorbell with 3 sound choices or one with 13 ringtones or even one with 50 different tones. If you like do-it-yourself projects, and have a bit of electrical knowledge, we’ve included information on how to customize any wireless doorbell to play your own mp3s. Let your creativity go wild!

Custom Doorbell Sounds Celebrate Every Special Occasion

Custom doorbell sounds can help set up the perfect environment for your celebration. You are certain to get compliments from guests (and your neighbors perhaps) on the doorbell that merrily and cheerfully greeted them on arrival. The surprise birthday party that you throw for your son or daughter will be even better when guests hear the “Happy Birthday” song upon arrival. Your doorbell will be a pleasant surprise to each and every guest, causing them to enter your home with a smile! Here are some of the special days you can celebrate with a tailor-made doorbell:

  • Christmas
  • The Night Before Christmas/ Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • 4th of July
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Memorial Day

To enjoy door chimes that perfectly fit the above events, choose a unit with 13 ringtone options like this Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit. Here are some of the occasions where you can use an MP3 doorbell song:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Create your own holiday! You can record your own greetings with the iChime recordable doorbell!

How to Get Custom Door Chimes

If you are handy at DIY jobs with electronics or have electrical training, you can add songs to your current wireless doorbell. If you are not comfortable with (or don’t have time for) the do-it-yourself project–never fear! You can purchase both types of doorbell with pre-recorded door chime and tunes at You can choose from a variety of doorbells with, for instance, 3 different chimes to chose from, one with 8 doorbell sound choices or 13 choices. You can get the ultimate doorbell with 50 all-occasion and seasonal doorbell sounds and an option to record your own doorbell music, sound or message! The DIY Method The DIY method to add sounds to your current doorbell involves removing the speaker from your existing doorbell and replacing it with a new recording module that contains a speaker. The speaker in the recording module may not be capable of emitting a loud enough sound to be practical in your home, so you might have to replace the speaker on the module, too. The 9V recording module can be purchased online at To learn how to replace a wireless doorbell speaker with the new recording module, follow the tips in this excellent Instructable article about converting a doorbell to play mp3 ringtones. Watch the video below for a basic overview of the project.

The process may be a bit complex or time consuming for some people. Take a look and see if you’d like to do your own doorbell customization project–or save time by purchasing a hardwired or wireless doorbell at 1800Doorbell. You can get the sounds you want, with lots of ringtone options, without all the DIY work.

Doorbell Sound Quality

Battery Powered Doorbell Chime With Customization Options The receivers (speakers) that broadcast the doorbell sound inside your home DO make a difference. You might want to get a new (wireless or wired) doorbell for your home–just to get better sound quality. 1800Doorbell sells doorbell receivers from major doorbell manufacturers with excellent sound and convenience features. You can also purchase extra doorbell receivers (speakers) to extend the range and ensure that your doorbell is heard throughout your home–they are excellent quality and inexpensive as well. With a wireless doorbell, all you need to do is plug in the receiver(s) to an electrical outlet in your home. 1800Doorbell also offers a portable doorbell receiver so that you won’t miss a visitor when you are in your backyard or garage. Just take the portable with you!

Doorbell Tunes to Greet Your Guests

A custom doorbell can help you set the mood for many special occasions, beyond holidays and birthdays. You will be amazed at the choices of pre-recorded tunes you will find on many doorbells. Here are just some of the occasions you can spice up with a custom doorbell greeting: Use festive doorbell tunes that are perfect for your: Special greeting to all visitors this season! Even if you’re not having a party, your home will still be one of the most festive on the block!

  • Christmas party: “Jingle Bells” and “Joy to the World,” found on our decorative jewel box wireless doorbell design and many other Carlon models that offer 13 sound choices.
  • New Years party: “Auld Lang Syne” on Carlon models with 8 ringtones and more.
  • 4th of July: “Star Spangled Banner” found on doorbells with 6 sound choices or more like this dark oak door chime.
  • Veteran’s Day: “Yankee Doodle”, “The Marine Hymn”, “Reveille”, “Dixie”, “Call to the Post” and more! These are available on the wired, programmable iChime doorbell and “Dixie” is avail. on Carlon doorbells with 8 chimes of more.
  • Halloween: “Sneaky Organ Music”. “Butler Answers Door”, “Wolf Howl”, “Scream (with Music)”, “Sinister Laugh (& Music)”, “Thunder”, “Witch, “Come in”, “Woman Screaming” and more. These are available on the wired, programmable iChime doorbell.

Doorbell Ringtones for Non-Holiday Special Occasions

Use “Happy Birthday” for:

  • Your birthday (It’s like throwing a mini-party for yourself all day!)
  • Your family member’s birthday (surprise your mom, dad, husband or wife with this cheerful surprise on their special day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all day, because even the UPS guy will know there’s someone to congratulate in your house.)
  • Your friends birthday (This doorbell tune is like dedicating a song to your friend every time a new guest arrives at the party you’re throwing in their honor.)
  • Available on Carlon doorbells with 13 ringtones like this hand painted scroll design decorative doorbell.

Use “The Yellow Rose of Texas” for:

  • For your next BBQ party
  • When a relative stays with you for vacation–if it happens to be a favorite song of theirs
  • For a romantic date. Surprise him or her upon arrival at your home. Your thoughtfulness and advance planning will be appreciated!
  • Available on Carlon doorbells with 13 ringtones like this decorative hand-carved scroll design

Another option is the Honeywell model that offers interchangeable holiday doorbell sound cards for several different themes. This unit is wireless and battery powered. Visit our doorbell sound sampler page to see which sounds are available on various wireless models. You can listen to each doorbell song or sound effect from this page, too. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see/hear the entire list.

The Ultimate Doorbell: Personalize with Your Own Music, Melody or Voice

Ss135 Wireless Plugin Receiver Dimensions Diagram 3
SS135 Wireless Plugin Receiver Dimensions Diagram 3

The iChime programmable doorbell is a hard-wired doorbell for your home or business that allows the ultimate versatility. Let your creative juices flow or set just the mood you want at your entryway. The iChime hard-wired doorbell is recordable–or you can choose any of the 50 pre-recorded sounds included. Create an original doorbell sound unique to you and your home that no one else could have. Show your personality, sense of humor or musical talent with a recordable doorbell. The iChime offers a few more ringtone options and options for special occasions including: “The Valentine’s Song” for:

  • Valentine’s Day

“Here Comes the Bride” also called “Wedding March” for your:

  • Wedding party
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelor party (Trust us guys, you’ll get a great reaction when your buddies pick you up for a night on the town the night before your wedding!)

“Happy Anniversary” for:

  • Anniversary party: Golden, Silver, First–or whichever anniversary you like–can be even more special with the right sound!

“Yankee Doodle”, “Reveille”, “Dixie”, “Call to the Post” and more Military Patriotic tunes for:

  • Veteran’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Welcome Home party for your favorite military man or woman!

Which Doorbell Is Best for You?

As you can see, the choice of sounds you can enjoy for FREE with any doorbell you choose is huge! If you want a traditional doorbell with door chime notes, like Ding Dong, choose a doorbell with 3 sound choices. Or you can get a bit more variety with an 8-tune doorbell or a 13-song model, which include some festive ringtones. Or get the ultimate in choice with 50 doorbell sound effects included plus the option to record your own with the iChime programmable doorbell.

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