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Enhance your home’s convenience and security with the Carlon RC372D Wireless Door Chime Kit. This compact, easy-to-install kit includes a plug-in receiver and two wireless push buttons, offering a seamless front and second-door coverage setup. With eight selectable melodies, you can customize alerts for each door, ensuring you never miss a visitor. The RC372D boasts a 150 ft line-of-sight range, perfect for smaller homes and apartments. Volume control and simple battery replacement add to its user-friendly design. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity with the RC372D, your ideal solution for a modern, efficient doorbell system.

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    Effortless Wireless Door Chime Installation and Operation

    The RC372D comes with everything you need for a swift, hassle-free setup. Enclosed in your package are a plug-in door chime receiver, two wireless push buttons, double-sided tape, screws, and pre-installed batteries. Follow our simple instructions to mount your push buttons and plug in your receiver to enjoy instant doorbell alerts.

    How to Install:
    1. Mount Your Push Buttons: Mark your screw locations, align the back cover of the push button on your desired surface, and secure it with the provided screws. Pilot holes may be needed for hardwood surfaces.
    2. Plug in the Receiver: To start receiving alerts, Insert the door chime receiver into any standard 120V AC wall outlet not controlled by a switch.

    Customizable Melodies for Your Home

    Choose from eight delightful melodies to personalize your door chime alerts. Assign distinct tones to each push button to easily distinguish between your front and second door. Changing melody is as simple as pressing a button on each of the push buttons.

    Long-Range Door Chime Convenience

    With a 150 ft line-of-sight range, the RC3732D is ideally suited for smaller homes and apartments, ensuring you never miss a visitor, whether you’re in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

    Trouble-Free Carlon Wireless Doorbell Maintenance

    Replacing batteries and adjusting settings is straightforward. Our instruction guide provides clear steps for battery replacement and volume adjustment, ensuring your system remains operational with minimal effort.

    RC3732D Product Features:

    • Two Wireless Push Buttons: For front and second door coverage.
    • Eight Different Melodies: Allows for distinct sound programming for each button.
    • 150 ft Range: Ideal for smaller homes and ensuring no visitor is missed.
    • Volume Control: Easily adjust the loudness to your preference.
    • Simple Battery Replacement: Ensures your chime is always ready.

    Troubleshooting Tips:

    • No Sound: Check battery installation and range placement.
    • Unexpected Chime: Change the privacy code to avoid interference from nearby wireless systems.

    Enhance Your Home with the RC372D Wireless Door Chime Kit

    The RC372D by Carlon is not just a doorbell; it’s a versatile, user-friendly solution for increasing your home’s security and convenience. With easy installation, customizable melodies, and reliable performance, the RC372D is the perfect addition to any home.

    Ready to Upgrade Your Doorbell System?

    Discover the simplicity and efficiency of the RC372D Wireless Door Chime Kit. Make your purchase today.

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    B.C. (Portland, US)
    Great return/customer service

    Had a great experience with their service department, after having an issue with this product. They set me up with another product recommendation right away and a solution to my conundrum. Thank you, thank you!