HS250D Carlon Outdoor Flood Light w/ Photocell Timer Lighting Control

HS250D Carlon Outdoor Flood Light w/ Photocell Timer Lighting Control

Install this dusk-to-dawn flood light controller in seconds for automated control of your outdoor flood lights.  Suited for wet and dry conditions alike, this product screws easily into your existing flood light socket.  After screwing it in, simply install your flood light into the HS250D.

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Stop wasting money by leaving your flood lights on all day long.  Flood lights are a great way to deter crime as potential criminals are less like to break into a home or shed in well lighted areas.  The problem is most people forget to turn the lights on at night or off during the day.  Take the thinking out of saving you money and protecting your home out of the equation and get it done instantly.

Many people got out and purchase expensive flood lights with built in timers and photo-sensors.   If you have functioning flood lights, why not spend $14 and use the HS250D.  Not only will you save money, installation is much easier.

The HS250D light control is easy to install and required no wiring at all.  Simply screw the HS250D adapter into your existing flood light fixture, and then adjust the sensitivity ring, install gasket and screw in bulb.

The light will turn on at dusk and will turn off at dawn. A quick and easy way to get security lighting without any special programming!

  • Easy to install- no long directions to read or special programming necessary.  Simply screw these into the your flood light socket, then scew your flood light into the adaptor.
  • Photosensitive sensor automatically turns light on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Outdoor rated and works well in wet conditions
  • Use with 120V AC, 150 W max par 38 bulb
  • Provides all night security for driveways, patios, and decks and saves money
  • Manufactured by Xodus Innovations
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

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<ul class="pdf_list"> <li><a href="https://www.1800doorbell.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/HS250D Flood Light Photocell Adapter Manual.pdf">HS250D Flood Light Photocell Adapter Manual</a></li> </ul>

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The Carlon Outdoor Flood Light w/ Photocell Timer Lighting Control was the exact thing I was searching for. Works Great ! I was unable to find 1 locally or on line, until I discovered 1800Doorbell. I will be using 1800 Doorbell again !

Quick delivery w/followup.

Quick delivery w/followup. Sensor is more compact than some, heavy construction. Includes rubber weather collar. Easily adjustable sensitivity. Manages LED par 38s well. Will update in six months.

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