Chime Receiver Sounds

Hear Wireless Receiver & Wired Doorbell Sounds

Below is an on-going list we have compiled of wired doorbell, wireless door chime, entrance alert, and driveway alarm sounds carried on our website.

To hear the sounds, click the link below to jump to that section, and click the play sound button, or simply scroll down the page to find your section.  If it IS NOT on this page, we do not have a sound file for that product. But we are always working to add more, so please check back or call us!

ERA Series of Commercial Grade Wireless Entrance Alert Products Sounds

The ERA series by Safeguard are business grade wireless doorbell, entry alert, and driveway alarm/alert products with a wireless range of up to 4,000 ft.  There are two receivers available in the ERA series.  The ERA-DCRX Desktop Receiver and the ERA-VPRX Portable Vibrating Receiver.


The ERA-PIR Motion Sensor is a standalone PIR sensor device with a built in speaker.  It does not transmit to a receiver, but rather has a built-in speaker that emits sound when motion is detected through the monitored zone.  

ERA-PIR-SPK sounds:

LRA Long Range Alert Series Sounds

The LRA Series by Safeguard is a mid-range series of doorbells, entrance alerts, and driveway alarms with a range of 1,000 ft. from transmitter to receiver.

LRA-DCRX Battery Powered Receiver is a battery powered, long range receiver (optional plug is available) with a bright flashing strobe light.  With volume control, the strobe lights, and zone LED lights, this is a great all-around wireless door chime.


These receivers are compatible with all the LRA series of products.  The LRA-DCRXS is a plugin chime receiver with a built in, bright strobe light.  With two zones (capable of pairing with 2 transmitters) this is a great receiver to spread throughout your home or small office. 

The LRA-VPRX is a small, battery powered portable chime that clips easily on pants or shorts so you can move around your office or home.  When a transmitter paired with a zone (4-zones on this receiver) it will play one of the 18 melodies below.

SS Series of Wireless Chimes by Safeguard Supply

Don’t let it’s low price point fool you, the SS Series for wireless chimes & entry alerts are great chime products.  All of the chime products in the SS series by Safeguard Supply are cross compatible with one another.  Each receiver is capable of pairing with up to 32 different transmitters, with each assigned its own tune or melody.  With a range of up to 1,000, their compact size and reliability, these are products you should not overlook when searching for a reliable chime for your home.

EZ Chime Mechanical Entry Alert Sound

The EZ-Chime is an all-time best seller at  The reason for this is the tried and true reliability and the fact that once it’s installed, there’s never any maintenance required.  This is an entrance alert product that mounts over a door (door that stays closed).  When someone opens the door, the mechanical alert will make a gentle chime sound.

It’s designed for arears up to 2,000 SQ FT.  It is loud enough for gas stations & convenience stores while emitting a gentle enough sound that is not too overpowering.  To learn more about our EZ Chime Mechanical Entry Alert, click the link.

Craftmade Wired Doorbell Sounds

Craftmade is one of the few remaining manufacturers that make beautiful, classic wired door chimes. Although video doorbells and other electronic chimes are becoming more and more popular, it’s still nice to have a good old fashioned wired doorbell. Better yet, pair a Craftmade wired doorbell like the CH1515-BK, with the Safeguard Supply LRA-EX1000S Wired Door Chime Extender to get the best of both worlds.

WC180 Plugin Door Chime Kit with Flashing Strobe Light

The WC180 is one of the first custom products by Safeguard Supply.  This is a simple, yet effective plugin door chime with a flashing strobe light.  With a range of up to 150 ft., this chime is a great solution for the hard of hearing who need a visual alert with the doorbell in their apartment or small home.  If you have a larger home, we would recommend the LRA-D1000S plugin strobe kit with a range of up to 1,000 ft.

Di2000S-A, DA50L-A, SL-40

WC180 Strobe Door Chime by Safeguard Supply Sounds

Carlon Wireless Door Chime Sounds (also known as Dimango, Lamson & Sessions)

Carlon (Dimango, Lamson & Sessions) Sounds:

EX-1 (STI-4000) Sound

Carlon (Dimango, Lamson & Sessions) Sounds:

Dakota Alert 4000 Series Receiver Sounds

Dakota Alert DCR-4000 Sounds:

Accessories & Add-Ons

Dakota Alert DCR-4000 Sounds: