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1800doorbell.com is owned by LHE, Inc. LHE, Inc. owns and operated several online brands such as Safeguard Supply, 1800doorbell.com, Lord Henry Enterprises, and Dimango.com.

Lord Henry Logo

Lord Henry Enterprises, LHE, Inc., has been a recognized name in the DIY home security business since 1992. With over 1,000 products and more added monthly, Lord Henry Enterprises is still going strong!

Safeguard Supply

After several years of experience dealing with other products, we decided we wanted to create our own brand of products.  By creating our own products, we can control the quality, create exceptional products, while offering them to you at a reasonable price.

Safeguard Supply Products For Business Door Chimes

Security2020 Is Now Safeguard Supply

The Security2020 Brand

Security2020 has become a recognized name brand in the security industry. With our innovative fake and dummy security cameras, best-in-class driveway alarms, and other crime deterrent products, Security2020 continues to innovate and add new products.

Dimango.com Website and Products

Dimango is a recognized name brand and industry leader in household wireless devices. Although the Dimango brand was discontinued years ago, the company continues to innovate and manufacturer under the brand name Carlon, and Thomas and Betts.


Drivewayalarm.com is NOW 1800doorbell.com

Drivewayalarm.com was a website dedicated to driveway alarm monitors and sensors marketed by Lord Henry Enterprises, Inc. Our full line of wireless driveway alarm products are "best in class" products that are cost-effective and easy to install and operate.