PPA-R38 Williams Sound Personal PA Select View FM Receiver


A lightweight portable receiver for the Personal PA TGS Pro 738 System by Williams Sound. It is able to use either 2 AA rechargable or non-rechargable batteries. It has about a 50 hour battery life with non-rechargable and 32 hours with rechargable. This receiver is able to pick up a broadcast signal up to 1000 ft away. The receiver features 17 wideband channels to select from.

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Are you wanting additional receivers for your Williams Sound Personal PA TGS Pro 738 System? With more receivers you will be able to accomodate more patrons with your system.

The PPA-R38 is a Personal PA SelectView FM Receiver by Williams Sound. The device features an OLED screen that will clearly display receiver status and allow immediate access to all user settings. The receiver is able to be powered by either rechargable or non-rechargable 2 AA batteries. The rechargable batteries will provide a typical life of 32 hours where the non-rechargable batteries have a typical life of 50 hours. The device is able to detect a broadcast signal up to 1000 ft away depending on enviromental conditions.

The receiver features a 3.5mm stereo/mono output for stereo or mono earphones, headphones, or neckloops. The device features a sleek ergonomic design with an easy to use on-screen menu that allows immediate access to all user settings.

  • 1000 ft range
  • 3.5mm stereo/mono headphone jack
  • Uses 2 AA rechargable or non-rechargable batteries
  • Digital volume controls
  • Crystal clearn OLED screen
  • 17 selectable wideband channels
  • Lifetime plus limited warranty

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