Williams Sound Neckloop Telecoil Coupler

Williams Sound Neckloop Telecoil Coupler

The NKL 001 is a neckloop telecoil coupler from Williams Sound. It will magnetically couple the audio output from a Williams Sound unit into a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil. This neckloop will only work with hearing aids equipped with a telecoil (t-switch) or an induction earphone. It is worn like a lanyard and comes with a safety break away mechanism in case it gets caught on anything.

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Do you have a hearing aid with a T-switch or induction earphone? Do you have an FM receiver or select IR receiver from Williams Sound?

The NKL-001 neckloop telecoil coupler is designed by Williams Sound for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. It is to be worn around the neck like a lanyard and uses its 3.5mm mono plug to connect to any FM or select IR receivers from Williams Sound. It will use magnetic energy to transfer the electrical signal from a sound source directly into a hearing aid that has a T-coil. The device comes with a safety breakaway clasp that disconnects the neckloop should the cord entangle with another object. 

  • 3.5mm mono plug
  • 18″ long
  • Breakaway safety clasp
  • Ideal for FM or certain IR receivers
  • Suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Compatible with hearing aids with a telecoil (T-switch) or induction earphone
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 in



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