Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Tour Guide System 20

Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Tour Guide System 20

The WS-DWSTTGS20 is a Digi-WAVE one-way tour guide system by Williams Sound. It will allow the tour guide to better communicate with up to 20 people who are hard of hearing! The kit can be expanded with an unlimited number of receivers, just as long as they are within range of the transmitter. This system requires no base station, so it is extremely portable and completely wireless. This kit operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM band and utilizes GFSK modulation with patented frequency-hopping software to reduce interference.

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Do you own a business where tours are regularaly given such as a mueseum, bus tours, or tourist attractions?  Would you like to implement a tour guide system to assist hearing impaired patrons?

The WS-DWSTTGS20 Digi-WAVE is a one-way tour guide system from Williams Sound. It will help enchance the communication between the tour guide and the tourists. This system is not strictly limited to tours either, it can be used in simple scenarios such as a business meeting or conference. The kit is completely wireless and requires no base station, so it is extremely portable. The transmitter will send a signal up to 100 ft to the receivers inside and 200 ft outside. The transmitter is easily used, as it has push button functionality. The kit comes with enough receivers to accommodate up to 20 people at the same time. The system can be expanded with unlimited transmitters/receivers just as long as they stay within range of one another.

The transmitter is powered by a rechargable battery which will typically last up to 14 hours on a 5 hour charge. The receivers are powered by 2 AAA batteries and will last up to 24 hours.

This kit includes: 1 DLT 100 transceiver with charger, 20 DLR 50 receivers, 1 MIC 044 2P headset microphone, 20 EAR 022 earphones, 1 CCS 044 silicone skin, and 1 system carry case.

View the video for more information on the Digi-WAVE tour guide system.

  • 100 ft range indoors/ 200 ft range outdoors
  • Improve communications between a speaker and the listeners
  • Comes with 20 receivers in package
  • Transmitter powered by rechargable battery and has a typical life of 14 hours
  • Receivers powered by 2 AAA batteries and has a typical life of 24 hours
  • 2.4 GHz operation
  • Easy to use push button functionality
  • System is expandable, can have unlimited transmitters/receivers as long as they are in range
  • Frequency hopping technology reduces interference from other devices
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty


This video will review the basic features and functionality of the Digi Wave Tour Guide system. It will show the devices that make up this kit. It will also show you how to set up the devices as well as how they function.

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Weight 7.4 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 x 14.5 x 7 in


Williams Sound


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