Williams Sound Digiwave TTGS20 Tour Guide System

Williams Sound Digiwave TTGS20 Tour Guide System

This Williams Sound Tour Guide System 20 enhances communication between the tour guide and up to 20 group participants, overcoming background noise and distance. This system can be used in factories, museums, tourist attractions or bus tours. Group members have listen-only capabilities.

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  • Expandable single presenter/multiple listener system
  • Portable – no base station required
  • Easy to use, push-to-talk functionality
  • 2.4GHz operation is legal for use in most countries
  • Frequency-hopping technology that minimizes interference from other devices
  • Four independent tour groups can be operating simultaneously within a range of up to 100 feet outdoors/200 feet indoors
  • Unlimited number of DLR 50 receivers can be used (within range)
  • DLT 100 has up to 20 hours use
  • DLR 50 receiver has up to 20 hours use


  • 1 DLT 100 transceiver with charger
  • 20 DLR 50 receivers
  • 1 MIC 044 2P headset microphone
  • 20 EAR 022 earphones
  • 1 CCS 044 silicone skin
  • 1 system carry case


  • Factory tours
  • Museums
  • Tourist attractions
  • Bus tours

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Weight12 lbs


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