TV Talker Amplifying System with Radio Technology

TV Talker Amplifying System with Radio Technology

Unlike most TV amplification systems, the WRM270 TV Talker uses radio frequency doesn’t tether you to line-of-site with the receiver.  Excellent sound is delivered to your favorite headphones or t-coil hearing aides.

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Unlike many TV listening or amplifier systems, the WFM-270 by Williams Sound uses radio frequency (RF) technology to deliver excellent stereo sound and not restrict you to line of site with the receiver like other devices that use infrared technology (IR).  RF technology allows a strong signal through walls and other obstacles.

The neckloop allows you to easily wear the receiver and the stereo headphone jack allows you to add your favorite pair of headphones or t-coil hearing aids.

This unit is expandable and allows up to three transmitters in one room when each transmitter is set to one of three channels, A, B, or C.  If you have an older TV or a TV without an available RCA connection, the included microphone will pick up the sound a transmit it to the receiver.

The volume control knob on the receiver allows you to control how loud you want the sound.

  • RF technology with range of 100 feet allows you to roam freely while still able to hear the tv
  • Connects to TV, DVD player, or other device with dual RCA plugs
  • On/off switch; transmitter shuts off FM after 5 minutes
  • Three selectable channels for reduces interference
  • Unit ships with 1 x base receiver, 1 x neckloop receiver, a power supply, 1 x TV microphone, 1m audio cable with dual RCA plugs and 2 x rechargeable batteries
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6.25 x 4 x 1.5 in



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