VA6000S-Series Cross Point Driveway Voice Annunciation System

VA6000S-Series Cross Point Driveway Voice Annunciation System

The Voice Alert System-6 multi-purpose, recordable, entrance alert / driveway alarm / safety system. Now available in two editions: New Rubber Hose Solar sensor and/or motion sensor!

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Driveway Alarm – New System Available

Rubber Hose Sensor with Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery!

The Voice Alert System-6 is a reliable and cost-effective entrance/driveway alarm safety system ideal for homes and small businesses. It is capable of monitoring six zones at one time and functions properly in all weather conditions. Other features include custom voice recordable alerts, a wireless PIR sensor transmitter, multiple beam patterns and more.

Also Available: New Voice Alert System with Wireless Rubber Hose Solar Sensor.

Emits a signal up to 1,000 feet when someone runs over the hose. An included NiCad battery works as a sensor and uses a solar panel to recharge. This system comes with 20 feet of hose, a hose anchor, NiCad battery and receiver. The Hose Must Be Placed on Asphalt or Concrete Driveways ONLY, cannot be used on gravel driveways!

Download the original bell sound for your Voice Alert

Made in U.S.A.

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Voice Alet





1 Year

kit or accessory


wireless features

Volume Control, Expandable, Multi-Zone, External Speaker Output, C-Form Relays

wireless range

1000 ft.

sensor type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

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