The Brand

Our website, was a brand that marketed wireless door chimes and wired doorbells.  Over the years the website expanded it's product line into driveway alarms and entrance alert products, then to holiday LED candles.

In an effort to improve our customers' experience, we are consolidating our brands into one website,  All of the products that were available on are offered on  We want to thank you for visiting and encourage you to shop for your door chime and doorbell needs on Doorbells: We offer a full line of wired doorbells from manufacturer's like Carlon, Heath-Zenith, Honeywell, and IChime.  Whether you are looking for a decorative doorbell, a more generic doorbell, or a prepackaged doorbell kit that includes all the components necessary for installation, we have them at

Most of the wired doorbell products we sell at are stand alone wired doorbells.  Although we do have doorbell kits available, most of the wired doorbells are simply the doorbell itself.  In order for the wired doorbell to work correctly, you must also have a wired doorbell button, a doorbell transformer, and wire (known as bellwire) that connects the push button to transformer and the transformer to the doorbell.  All of these components are available on our website,

Door Chimes:  Our door chimes are wireless devices available in plug-in and battery powered versions.  Wireless, when it pertains to door chimes, means the products are wireless from the doorbell or door chime transmitter, the push button, to the receiver.  In most cases, wireless door chime versions will be cross-compatible withing the same manufacturer's products.  This is true for all the wireless door chimes carried on this website with the exception of the Honeywell line of wireless door chimes.  These products will have a "compatibility letter" to determine what products they will be compatible with.

Entry Alerts: Similar to doorbells, entrance alerts (entry alarms) are installed to alert you to visitors.  The difference between the common doorbell and an entrance alert is that a visitor does not have to physically push a button for an entry alert chime to work.  These products will work by:

  • Triggering a chime sound when motion is detected in a monitored zone
  • A monitored door or window is opened

When the transmitter (sensor) is triggered, a receiver will emit a chime or alarm sound, depending on the model.  These products are invaluable for both residential homes and commercial locations alike.  Residential examples may be using an entry chime to alert you when an exterior door is opened, or a gate to the pool is opened.  Commercial applications include situations like entrance into your store, or a delivery truck pulling up to loading dock.

Driveway Alarms: These products are very similar to an entrance alert with the main difference in the sensor.  For entrance alerts, they typically will emit more of a canonical zone (a fan shape), whereas a driveway alarm transmitter will emit more of a straight beam that will shoot across a monitored zone, like a driveway.  When a car or truck breaks the beam, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to a plug-in receiver.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or email us.