BE1240+BE1442 Flashing Doorbell Push Button & Telephone Alert Kit by Bellman & Symfon


The Bellman Visit line of alerting notification devices help the elderly and hearing impaired maintain their independence by providing devices that allow you to be notified when someone is at your door, your phone rings, the smoke alarm goes off, or even a baby cries.

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From one of the most trusted, innovative manufacturers in the industry, the HC-VISIT-VP6 is a kit that features the Bellman Visit Flash receiver and one Bellman doorbell push button (transmitter). If you have difficulty hearing a traditional doorbell, this system solves that problem by emitting a bright, flashing strobe light when the transmitter signals the receiver.

Simply mount the included push button at the door and when someone pushes the button, the receiver is notified and a bright light flashes.  This kit is part of the Bellman & Symfon “Visit” line and is compatible with other accessories in the Visit product line such as a the vibrating receiver, bed shaker, smoke detector, baby monitor, and more.

The receiver, the BE1442, may be mounted on the wall or placed on a level surface. When signaled, the receiver emits a bright strobe flash. The flashing head may be angled to face where you are located for better viewing. The receiver is powered by a 9V DC plug-in power supply and back-up rechargeable NiMH battery. The backup battery is charged by the included plugin transformer.  Under normal usage, the battery will last up to 8 days.

Colored LED’s on the front of the receiver will blink according to the sources of the transmitter sending the signal. For example, when the push button is pressed, the strobe will flash and the Green LED will blink 4 times.

The wireless transmitter may be mounted outside with the included mounting plate or may be worn using the included neck lanyard.  The transmitter ships with an installed 6V battery.

  • Kit ships with one receiver (BE1422) and one transmitter (BE1240)
  • Operates at 433.92 MHz
  • 64 Channels to prevent interference
  • 250 ft. range from transmitter to receiver
  • Color is white
  • Strobe output is approximately 10 candelas;  Two year manufacturer’s warranty

The Bellman & Symfon Visit series will provide doorbell and telephone amplification. The receiver can be placed anywhere near you and will receive a wireless signal from someone ringing the doorbell or calling your phone. The receiver will provide a visual notification as well as a audible tone.

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