Sonic Alert Signaling System

Sonic Alert Signaling System

The SS1200C is a complete signaling system from Sonic Alert. The kit will alert you to the doorbell, telephone, or alarm clock in up to 4 rooms. The system can be expanded to monitor more rooms by purchasing additional Sonic Alert receivers. The kit is easy to install and comes with everything you need to have it functioning right out of the box.

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Do you know someone hard of hearing that has trouble hearing their alarm clock to wake up in the morning? Are they unable to hear their telephone and doorbell as well?

This Sonic Alert signaling system is a complete in box alert system. It features everything you will need to operate this kit. The kit includes 1 SB1000SS Sonic Alert Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker, 1 DB200 Wireless Doorbell and Telephone Signaler. The kit also features the SA101 Basic Remote Receiver and BL300 Strobe Receiver as a free added bonus! Right off the bat the kit will be able to monitor 4 rooms. Keep in mind this number can be increased by purchasing additional Sonic Alert receivers. This system will alert you various way. It will alert you with a loud 98 dB alarm, provide visual flashing strobe lights, and provide vibrations through the bed shaker.

  • Complete kit
  • Can be expanded by purchasing additional receivers from Sonic Alert
  • Monitor up to 4 rooms, can add more with additional receivers
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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