Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light

This Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light Will Operate 15 Days Straight On A Full Charge

This solar powered LED motion sensor light from Heath Zenith comes equipped with a solar panel that will recharge the 3 Ni-Cd AA rechargable batteries. The battery will last a staggering 15 days off a single fully charged battery. The light features a built in photocell to allow for dusk-to-dawn control. This will ensure that your light stays off during daylight.

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Do you wish you had a motion sensor light that you did not have to worry about wiring it to your home for it to work? The HZ-7210-WH requires no wiring for operation. It uses 3 rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries. The light features a solar panel which will recharge the Ni-Cd batteries. To charge the batteries make sure your light is set to off, and point the solar panel at the noon sun for 2 sunny days. The light will operate for 15 straight days on a fully charged battery.

This solar power motion sensor light uses one LED bulb that comes included in the packaging. The solar panel comes with a 15 foot cord, so you can place the solar panel in optimum sunlight. The flood light has a 180° motion detection range and is able to detect movement in a 70-foot range. The motion sensor is adjustable so it will allow for directional lighting. The light has an adjustable timer and can be set to 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 20 minutes.

  • LED bulb (included in package)
  • Solar powered 
  • 3 Rechargeable AA Ni-Cd batteries
  • 180° motion detection range
  • Detects movement up to 70 feet away
  • Adjustable light timer 1,5 or 20 minutes
  • Dimensions of this light are 10.00″ H x 4.00″ W x 2.00″ L
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions3.25 x 7 x 14 in

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