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You don't have to spend a fortune to automate your lighting, or other appliance for that matter.  The SK-1 is a cost-effective starter kit used to control the lighting of a lamp.

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When you need remote control of your incandescent and CFL bulbs, take a look at this product, the SK-1 from Skylink.  This is a kit that features everything you need to remotely turn your light on/off, and dim your light (bulbs must have dimming capability).

Set up of this kit is easy.  Simply plug the receiver module (PL-318) into a standard wall outlet, then plug the lighting device into the receiver.  Next, use the supplied remote control device (TC-318) to turn your light on or off, and also to dim the light.

You can use this product as a simple way to control your lights, however, there the system is capable of much more when used in conjunction with other Skylink Home automation receivers.  When controlling 3-zones, the remote control can control an unlimited number of devices per zone.

The remote control used in this device is the TC-318 by Skylink.  There are three different commands the remote can transmit:

  • Individual operation used to control one device, ie., one lamp.
  • Zone operation used to control a group of devices, ie., all the lamps in the living room
  • All on or all off command which turns all connected devices on or off

The receiver used in this kit is the PL-318, plugs into a standard AC outlet, and is used to operate incandescent lights or dimmable CFL (compact fluorescent light) with a maximum load of 300W at 120VAC.  For the dimming function to work, bulbs must be dimmable.

Like the remote control featured in this kit, the PL-318 receiver has three operating modes:

  • Regular mode allows the receiver to turn the bulb on/off and adjust the brightness (dimming).  This is the most common setting for use in day to day operation.
  • Flashing/Alert mode is used when you want a lamp to serve as more of a notification.  The receiver will make the lamp flash for a specific period of time  as defined by the timer operation (see manual.)  For this mode, use a Skylink transmitter recommend for this type of operation.
  • Countdown timer mode allows you to set the lighting device to stay on for a period for time; 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes for energy saving.

This is a starter kit.  Although you never have to expand it, you can create a robust home automation system by adding more transmitter and receivers.

  • Kit features 1 x TC-318-7 Remote Control Transmitter, 1 x PL-318 Light Control Receiver, 1 x mounting bracket for remote control, lithium battery (CR-2032) installed, and user instructions
  • Range from transmitters to receiver is up to 500 feet (line of site)
  • Transmitter/Remote is the size of a credit card
  • 7-Button remote control transmitter may control devices and/or up to 3 zones, with unlimited devices per zone
  • All on/off, zone on/off and dimming capability for dimming bulbs
  • Rolling code technology
  • No wiring needed, set up is a cinch
  • Expandable by adding more receivers and transmitters
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Manufactured by Skylink


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