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Entrance Alerts Provide Instant Notification When Visitor Arrives

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Find a variety of entrance alerts on 1800doorbell.  Whether you are looking for a wireless entry alarm or entrance alert, we have one of the largest selections available for businesses and homeowners alike.

One of the most important features to search for is the type of sensor.  PIR sensors will detect heat & movement while contact based sensor sense when a door is opened.

We are here to help you choose the right product.  Please feel free to call or email us for assistance.

More About Entrance Alerts

Entry alerts or entrance chimes send instant notifications when someone enters through a monitored zone.  Used by businesses, shops, and stores not only as a security precaution, but also for customer service enhancement.

When to Use Motion Based Entrance Alerts:

  • Use in hallways or when door stays open (mall entrances for example)
  • Use when metal doors or building materials may prevent magnetic door/window contacts from working correctly

When to Use Window/Door Contacts for Entry Alerts:

  • You want detection only when door or window is opened
  • You don't want any "motion-based" false alarms

Entry Alerts (Entrance Alarms) detect when someone enters a monitored zone or opens a door.  Most of our wireless products have a longer range (from sensor to receiver) than products you might find at your local hardware store.  This range is a necessity at warehouses, shops, stores, and over long distances.

Wdk 2500 Strobe In Use
Ut 2500 Door Contact Doorview
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Need a strobe light, siren, or additional accessory for your kit?  Click Here.

Common Uses of Entrance Alert Products

  • For office security, receive alerts when someone enters your facility.
  • Store clerks receive notification when a customer enters the store.  This allows clerks to work in other areas of the store and immediately attend to customers when they enter the store, improving customer service.
  • Entrance alerts for offices are great for warehouses to receive notifications when shipments arrive.
  • Used as a safety measure when children or people we are caring for enter or leave specific areas.  A good example would be over an exit door that leads to a swimming pool or spa.

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Wireless Alert Transmitters

The transmitter is the device that contains the alert sensor.  The sensors are either passive-infrared (triggered when it detects heat and movement), or magnetic based (triggers when a metallic object passes through a monitored zone).  Magnetically based sensors trigger when the magnetic contact between two pieces separates by opening a door or window.  When a visitor passes through the sensor, it triggers the transmitter to send a wireless signal to the receiver.

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Wireless Alert Receivers

The receivers are either battery powered or plug in devices.  These receivers "receive" the transmitted signal and emit a tone, a melody, or some audible sound to alert the user.

Depending on the model, these receivers are packed with features. Many of them have a volume control knob or slider, external outputs for integration with other devices, and are typically expandable by adding more receivers to your kit.

Common Uses

These products are very versatile and are used for security and improved customer service.  For example, a doctor's office may use a contact based entry alert that attaches to the door and will alert staff when the door is opened.  The nurse at the front desk does not want to be tethered to the front and may have errands to run.   For obvious reasons, they do not want to lock the front door every time the nurse leaves his/her desk, so by installing an alert, the nurse will hear a chime sound when the door is opened by a visitor or patient.

Customer service is another frequent use of a commercial entrance alert.  The store in the mall has an entrance that's always open.  During slow operating times, the store clerk may need to go in the back to unpack product, or help a customer in the dressing room.  A motion entrance alert is a great choice.

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The DA50L-A has a motion sensor mounted above the entryway, and when someone enters, a gentle chime sounds from the receiver plugged in the back of the store.  Now the clerk hears that someone has entered the store and can immediately come out to help the new customer.

EZ Tone DC1

1800doorbell is proud to be one of 8 worldwide distributors of the EZ Tone entrance alert.  The DC1 EZ Tone is a small, self-contained alert that mounts on a door.  When the door opens, a small plunger hits a metallic plate producing a tone sound.  Ideal for commercial spaces under 2,000 sq ft., the EZ Tone has been used by stores and business all over America.

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Motion Activated Entrance Alert and Entry Chimes

Receiving an alert instantly when someone, or something, enters a space is easier than you think.  The entrance chimes contained on this page are motion based, meaning they will detect any movement and generate a chime sound.

If you have a door or window that typically remains shut, you may be interested in our door, or window contact based entry alerts.  If you have doors or windows with a metallic frame, we recommend a motion based entrance chimes to avoid interference.

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Common Residential Applications:

A common application for a door alarm is child safety!  Mount a window/door alarm sensor on the pool gate or patio door leading out to the pool.  When a child opens the gate, a wireless signal is sent to the plug-in receiver alerting you that the door has been opened.  The system can also be expanded by adding additional receivers, both battery powered and plug-in versions.

If you have a swimming pool, most states require a warning device that will alert the guardian when someone opens a door leading out to the pool.  Most parents want that additional peace of mind to know when a door opens, to protect the security of their children and guests.

You may also place a window/door alarm on a cabinet where you store cleaning supplies.  If a child opens the door, the receiver plays a chime or alarm sound.

Many home owners neglect to lock up the storage shed.  Place an outdoor rated door/window sensor on the shed door.  If a user opens the door, an alarm or chime sound is played on the receiver.

Please call us if you are unsure which product is the best choice for your unique application.

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