Alarm Systems

Skylink Household Alert lets you protect your home easily for safety and security. The houselink receiver monitors all the sensors you need, and their batteries, so you will always be protected. Protect yourself from flood, intrusion, extreme temperature and more.

More Info About Security Systems

We offer the convenience of do-it-yourself security systems like the Skylink Gold Deluxe Security System, or SC-1000. With products like this, you don’t need to spend the heavy investment involved with calling a security company. This system is not only easy to install, but features a completely wireless platform that is efficient and totally effective at protecting your property. With enough protective elements to cover a large-sized home or business, the motion sensor and two door/window sensors (also available with additional sensors and accessories) assures you superior protection inside your house, business, or anywhere security is an issue.

With easy to use Skylink Security Systems, eliminate expensive monthly monitoring charges with the optional emergency dialer unit.   This unit gives you the ability to automatically call for help when the alarm is triggered.

Your security center console can handle up to 24 individual sensors that range from the typical door, window, and motion sensors to the speciality flood, smoke, and temperatures sensors. Once any of these sensors is triggered, the control panel will sound a siren and transmit a wireless signal to the emergency dialer unit. This handy unit will then automatically call preset telephone numbers (which you can customize) for help. If an emergency should occur, your Skylink system has the ability to call up to nine telephone numbers to request assistance.

Today we have the ability to customize nearly every component of our lives to fit our needs exactly, and our doorbells and security systems are no exception. Make sure that every aspect of your home or business represents that style and esthetic you embody.  Our professionally-trained staff stand ready to answer all of your questions and help create an application that is perfect for you. Don’t settle for mediocrity and protect your biggest investments with style.

Skyink Wireless Household Alert Security Systems is an easy to install do-it-yourself home security system. It's the perfect security system for your office, apartment or home. Additional water sensors, emergency dialers, motion detectors, window and door sensors, and glass break detectors are available as add ons to the houselink receiver and provide you with custom home security.

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