See our other categories of home and business, DIY security products.  Skylink makes a great home alarm system with auto-dialer capability w/o having to pay for monthly monitoring.

Our security signs & decals, along with our fake security cameras are cost effective ways to deter crime.  We recommend making a small investment to deter crime with products like these alongside your surveillance equipment.  Together, these two groups of products will try to deter crime, while your live security cameras allows you to capture events for persecution.

More Info About Our Security Categories

entrance alerts

Affordable Security Devices that Deter Crime

Motion-sensing lights and driveway alarms may deter thieves from breaking into your car when you are at home, but what about when you are at work? Or out of town? Check out this site's article section to find information on car alarms and car theft prevention tips. To keep your family safe, you should also consider an accident prevention and fire safety plan. These types of dangers can put you and your family at risk as well as threaten to destroy your personal belongings.

Forethought and preventative measures go a long way.

Skyink Wireless Security Systems are easy to install do-it-yourself home security systems. The dialer can call your cell phone, office or home, giving you advanced warning of an intrusion. Skylink security systems come with motion detectors, door/window sensors, and many more options to customize the system and make it your own.  Water sensors, auto dialers, motion detectors, window and door sensors, and glass break detectors are available as add ons for each system.

Security Related Products on 1800doorbell:

Door alarms are reliable products that allow you to receive instant alerts & alarms when someone enters or exits through a monitored zone.

Whether you want to receive notifications when someone enters your shop or showroom, or simply want to hear an alarm when a gate to the pool is opened, you're sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Driveway Alarms:

Driveway monitoring products use sensors to send alerts to a receiver when someone or something passes through a monitored zone, usually a driveway. PIR based sensor will detect any type of movement through the driveway, while probe-magnetometer based sensors will pick up cars and trucks only.

Although some of our products are designed for smaller, residential driveways, many of our models offer the distance and features needed over longer distances and commercial applications or rural properties.

Keyless Locks:

Shop our top brands of keyless locks for both residential and commercial use. Keyless locks are easy to install and provide flexibility when access is needed to your home or office.

Panic Transmitters:

These are simple to use devices that allows users to push a button to send an audible notification to a remote location. Some models will even dial programmed phone numbers to play recorded message.  Great for emergency situations, panic transmitters give you and loved ones peace of mind.

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