Signature Series Kit 3A

Signature Series Kit 3A

This Signature Series kit includes 1 Sidekick II receiver, 1 doorbell transmitter, and 1 telephone transmitter. The receiver will receive a signal up to 2000 ft away from the doorbell and telephone transmitter. When the receiver gets the signal it will alert you with its 110 candela strobe light. Then the receiver will inform you of which transmitter is sending the signal with its LED indicators. The receiver comes with a built in alarm clock and jack for an optional bed shaker (sold separately).


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If you have ever lived with someone who is hard of hearing you will know that they have trouble hearing their telephone. No matter how loud they make it they never are able to hear it.


This Signature Series kit features the SK2-SS Sidekick II Strobe Clock Receiver which will provide a 110 candela strobe light alert whenever it receives a signal from the transmitters. This kit has a TEL-SS Telephone Transmitter and a DB1-SS Doorbell Transmitter included in the package. These transmitters will send a signal from your doorbell or telephone up to 2000 ft away to the receiver. The receiver will inform you with LED indicator lights of which transmitter is sending the signal. A jack is included on the receiver for an optional bed shaker. The receiver also features a direct telephone interface so you can transmit multiple telephone signals.


  • 2000 ft range
  • 110 candela strobe light
  • LED indicator lights
  • Built in alarm clock
  • Direct telephone interface
  • Jack for optional bed shaker (sold separately)
  • Back up battery for power outages
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 x 6 x 4 in



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