Signature Series Caregiver Kit

Signature Series Caregiver Kit

A Signature Series Caregiver Kit from Silent Call. Kit includes 1 Signature Series Sidekick II receiver, 1 Signature Series bed shaker, and 1 Signature Series transmatter. This kit includes everything a caregiver would need for basic monitoring. There is up to a 2000 ft range between the transmitter and receiver.


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Do you provide care to an elderly patient who is a bit hard of hearing? Do you wish there was an all in one caregiver kit?

This Signature Series Caregiver Kit from Silent Call has all the components you need for basic monitoring. The kit comes with 1 SK2-SS Sidekick II Strobe Clock Receiver, 1 VIB-PJ bed shaker, and 1 MAT4-SS transmatter. This kit has a 2000 ft wireless range between the transmitter and receiver. The receiver comes included with a built in alarm clock and optional plugs for the bed shaker and telephone line.

  • 2000 ft range
  • Kit includes 1 Sidekick II receiver, 1 bed shaker, and 1 transmatter
  • Kit will provide visual and audible alerts
  • LED display has indicators that will inform you of which transmitter is supplying the signal
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 x 6 x 4 in



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