Good Vibrations Deluxe Monitoring

Good Vibrations Deluxe Monitoring

This is a complete in box kit that will alert you to doorbells, phones, fire alarm ringing, or sounds. The transmitters in this kit will send a signal up to 200 ft to the good vibrations receiver. The receiver is portable and can be worn on an article of clothing or belt loop. Whenever the receiver receives a signal it will vibrate a specific pattern based on the signal sent. The receiver also has LED indicators to inform you of which transmit sent the signal.

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Do you have a hard of hearing family member? Are you constantly worried about them being able to hear the fire alarm in emergency situations?

The SC-KIT-7D is a Good Vibrations deluxe monitoring system from Silent Call. Everything you need to have the kit functioning is included in the package. The kit includes: 1 GV1097-2 Good Vibrations Receiver, 1 TEL1002-1 Telephone Transmitter, 1 DB1003-4 Wireless Doorbell Transmitter, 1 SM1005-5 Sound Monitor Transmitter, 1 1008-4 Smoke Detector With Transmitter, 1 SA-CHGR3 Sleep Alert Charger, and 1 VIB-PJ Bed Shaker. The kit will alert you to incoming telephone calls, someone ringing your doorbell, various sounds such as a baby crying, or your fire alarm going off. The transmitters included in the package will send a wireless signal up to 200 ft to the good vibrations receiver. The receiver is battery powered and portable so it can be worn on your person to never miss an alert.

  • 200 ft range
  • Complete deluxe monitoring kit
  • Will alert you to doorbells, telephone calls, sounds such as a baby crying, and smoke alarm
  • 9V rechargable battery (included in the package)
  • Charger for battery included in package
  • System can be expanded using as many 318 MHz transmitters as you want
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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