Keeping Your Business Safe During This Difficult Time

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Keeping Your Business Safe During This Difficult Time

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As a business owner, store manager, or supervisor, it is our responsibility to keep our employees, colleagues, & customers as safe as possible.  The onset of the Coronavirus has exponentially made this responsibility more challenging.

Keeping Our Business Safe

Our products such as the ERA-UTDCR, WDK-ERA-STROBE, and other products in the ERA or LRA series are easy to setup and run, require zero maintenance, but most of all, are reliable products that NOTIFY YOU when a visitor arrives.

Our Product Recommendations to Protect Your Employees and Customers:

We have two product lines we are recommending to our customers, the ERA and LRA line of products.  Both sets of products are long-range wireless products that feature push buttons, motions sensor, & magnetic door contacts, with receivers.  Both product lines are expandable, meaning you can add multiple sensors and multiple receivers.

Major difference between ERA and LRA product lines:

  • ERA has wireless range of up to 4,000.  Receivers are plug-in only.
  • LRA has a wireless range of up to 1,000 ft. Battery operated and plugin receivers are available.
  • Both product lines of a variety of features with subtle difference.  Both offer strobe lights built into the receiver or offer the ability to add accessories such as strobe lights, sirens, etc.

ERA Extended Range Alerts by Safeguard Supply

The ERA line of products by Safeguard Supply are our longest range set of products specifically designed for large areas.  The line-of-sight distance (wireless range) from the transmitter (push button, motion sensor, etc.) to the receiver (where sound is emitted) is 4,000 ft.

The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and works with up to 12 different transmitters.  Use as many receivers as you need.  When a push button, for example, is pressed, all the receivers in the system will play the programmed melody.

Accessories such as a strobe light, strobe light + siren, siren, or fire alarm bell may be added to receivers. Strobe lights, for example, are great for very loud areas, but also great for areas where you need to turn the sound off but would like a visual notification.  The siren accessory is extremely loud and can add an alarm sound when a button is pressed or a door is opened.

ERA – Features that Make ERA Products the Number 1 Choice for Business Door Chimes

  • Each receiver, ERA-DCRX, can pair with up to 12 different receivers allowing you cover all entrances into your facility.
  • Each transmitter (ERA-UTX or ERA-PIR) can pair with an unlimited number of receivers, allowing you add receivers throughout your facility.
  • Each receiver has four zones.  Transmitters are grouped into a zone with a distinct melody (13 available) assigned to each zone allowing you to determine which transmitter triggered the receiver.
  • Volume control button turns volume to four sound levels, in addition to mute and power off.
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Each zone features a 12V DC output.  These outputs may be used to power external devices such as a strobe light, strobe+siren, siren, etc.   This allows you to turn the receiver down and only see a visual indicator, or for loud areas, see a bright strobe and/or hear a siren alarm sound.
  • The duration of the 12V DC output may be set to 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, or 2 min.
  • Each receiver features  1 x C-form relay for integration to external devices.  For example, some magnetic door locks allow integration through Normally Open or Normally Closed connections.  The C-form relay on the receiver can be used to integrate to that device.
  • Transmitters include the ERA-UTX (door contact or push button) and ERA-PIR motion activated sensor.

LRA Long Range Alerts by Safeguard Supply

The LRA line of products offer a wireless range of up to 1,000 ft. from the transmitter to the receiver.  There are three different receivers to choose from.  The LRA-DCRX is a battery operated receiver with an add-on plug available, a portable receiver, and plugin receiver.

Similar to the ERA series of products, there are variety of transmitter/sensors available such as a push button, motion sensor, magnetic door contact, and a driveway alarm sensor.

The LRA-DCRX battery powered receiver and LRA-DCRXS plugin receiver both have three modes of operation; strobe only, strobe & sound, and  sound only.  Additionally, the LRA-VPRX is a portable receiver with a vibration mode.

LRA Features and Benefits as Door Alerts and Door Chimes:

  • LRA-DCRX and LRA-DCRXS Features built-in strobe light (turn it on or off) and sound options.
  • Battery operated receiver (LRA-DCRX) has optional add-on plug, and LRA-DCRXS plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Multiple transmitter types – push buttons, door contacts, motion sensor, and driveway alarm available.
  • No limit to the number of receivers you can use–mix and match different receivers with different transmitters–they are all compatible.
  • LRA-DCRX works with up to 4 different transmitters – LRA-DCRXS works with two transmitters.
  • LRA-DCRX receiver features volume control up to 90 dBA.  Variety of sound options to choose from.
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