Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push Button

Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push Button

Get the Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push RPWL3045A1003/A for a product that does it all!  This sleek unit may be used as a wireless push button, a doorbell extender, or a converter to use with motion sensors or window/door contacts.

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We had trouble trying to figure out which category to list this product in.   This black button with platinum trim looks sleek and stylish in any home.  This product works with all “300” series in the Honeywell Premium wireless door chime line.  This is not your typical wireless push button, as its true power is in its versatility. 

As a doorbell extender, this product allows you to tie into your existing wired doorbell and your Honeywell 300 series chime receiver.  When someone presses the doorbell, this door chime extender will signal your Honeywell receiver to play your selected tune.  A common application of this could be a home or business where you cannot hear the doorbell throughout your home.  Simply purchase this door chime extender and place some Honeywell receivers in other room and viola, you can now hear your chime all areas of your home.

The doorbell extender capability is especially handy,  but even more impressive is when this product works as a converter.  This doorbell converter allows you to connect devices such as door or window contacts to your Honeywell chime receiver units.   It works with existing wired bell push button systems, a door window contact, wireless motion sensor (Honeywell only) a device that uses normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) voltage free contacts.  This will allow you to integrate devices, such as a driveway alarm, entry chime alerts, or home alarms system.  Virtually any device that contains dry N/O or N/C contacts.  One customer uses the device to integrate into an auto-dialer for use in emergency situations.  When the customer presses the Honeywell extender/converter/push button, it triggers her auto-dialer to dial programmed numbers, (friends, neighbors, or relatives) alerting them to an emergency situation at her home.


  • Converter/Extender/Wireless Button
  • Powered by included CR2032 battery
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Bell wire for use with a wired doorbell system
  • Operating temperature range of 14 F to 104 F
  • Rainproof
  • Maximum input range is 24 V AC/DC
  • Estimated battery life with 5 activations a day – 18 months
  • RF power is low, less than 1 mW
  • Operates at a RF frequency of 916.8 MHz

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.14 x 4.65 x 6.54 in


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