Honeywell RPW204A Illuminated Stainless Steel Button Brushed Nickel


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The RPW204A Wired illuminated Surface Mount Push is becoming one of the Honeywell’s most marketable push buttons. Get your own RPW204A1005/A now and be amazed by its functionality and charm!

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Sometimes it's hard for wired pushbuttons to set themselves apart from other buttons.  There are decorative buttons, some unusual, some artistic, some plain interesting.  The Honeywell RPW204A is a stainless steel wired bell pushbutton that retains a basic rectangular shape but due to the stainless steel and beveled edges is able to make it a distinct and noteworth doorbell button in its own right.

The stainless steel gives this product a strong, durable, and elegant look.  Stainless steel is one of the toughest products so you have the comfort knowing you have perhaps purchased your last doorbell button.  The shape of this product is rectangular with beveled edges around the perimeter.  In the middle of the doorbell pushbutton is white circular button (the part you actually press) that is illuminated.

The light is powered by a LED bulb which means it will last a very long time and never overheat or get hot.  Because this is a lighted doorbell button you have to use a doorbell transformer to power it.  Although some push buttons work with battery powered wired doorbells we do not recommend this one for that as the light will drain the batteries quickly.


  • Stainless steel rectangular shaped plate with white circular button
  • White circular button is lighted
  • Recessed mounted
  • Dimensions are 2 7/8 inches height x 1 1/4 inches width x 1/2 inch depth
  • Wired doorbells only
  • Must use a transformer to power this push button
  • Compatible with most wired doorbells
  • Honeywell is manufacturer
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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1.25L x 0.26W x 3H


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Brushed Nickel

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