Give Me the Bottom Line: Long Range Doorbell Reviews

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Give Me the Bottom Line: Long Range Doorbell Reviews

Typically, small business, warehouses, commercial buildings and office buildings tend to be candidates for wireless door chimes.  This is because it is often unfeasible to wire a doorbell for a building, especially if you don’t own it.  Even if you own the commercial building, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

For a wired doorbell to work, the doorbell will typically have the three components: 1) the chime itself, 2) a doorbell transformer, and 3) a wired push button.  If you need a doorbell and want to put a push button outside, it’s often not an option because you would have to drill through concrete or a metal door frame., something either you cannot do or don’t want to spend the extra money to accomplish.

Wireless doorbells sound like a viable option but for most wireless chimes you would purchase at your local hardware store, this simply isn’t an option. is proud to offer several options and this is a short review of each of our main long range door chimes for business offerings.

For a complete list of our complete line of long range doorbells, please visit the page:

DC-1000 by Dakota AlertsThe DC-1000 is our most popular long range wireless chime.  It has a range of up to 1,000 feet, and runs on either C alkaline batteries or a plug-in transformer.  The kit ships with the door chime receiver and one wireless doorbell button.  The door chime also features a flashing LED and a light that shows a number based on the zone that corresponds with the push button, or transmitter, that was pushed.   As with most wireless chimes, you can expand this system by adding more push buttons and/or receivers.  In our offices, for example, we have a push button for the front door and one for the bay door in back of the warehouse.  The receiver will play a different tune for each push button and also flash a “I” or a “II” depending on how we set up the receiver.   Both units will make the same receiver ring.  We could also put additional receivers in offices, so we can better hear the chime when someone rings the bell.

Great Features of this Product:

-Powerful at ranges up to 1,000 feet
-Flashing LED light and light for specific zone associated with corresponding button
-Great price point
-One year manufacturer’s warranty
-Expandable, may add more push buttons and receivers

Db800-long-range-entrance-alert-kit-da-2500-v-1The LH-2500 high powered doorbell is our longest range door chime.  If you have a situation where you need something high-powered and long range, more than 800 feet, this is the product we would recommend.  The LH-2500 is a new doorbell kit created by 1800doorbell for those who need a powerful wireless doorbell.  With a range of up to 2,500 feet, this kit has unrivaled power in the wireless doorbell world.  The kit was created using two products manufactured by Dakota Alert.  The main component is the UT-2500 which is a universal transmitter, push button, and door/window contact rolled into one.  Powered by a 3-Volt Lithium battery (included) the UT-2500 will transmit a wireless signal to the DCR-2500 plug in receiver.  The UT-2500 is outdoor rated and may be mounted using the included double sided tape or included mounting screws.  You could also use the product as a door window contact along side using it as a push button.  If you wanted to leave your front door locked, you could use the push button.  Leave it unlocked and you could use it as an entrance alert that creates a chime sound when the door is open.

An often overlooked feature of this transmitter, the UT-2500 is that it also features a N/O and N/C contacts, allowing you to integrate the device with other products.  The kit belongs to the Dakota 2500 series of driveway alarm products meaning it is expandable by adding more transmitters and receivers, and will integrate with their driveway alarm monitors and sensors.   For example, you could use this as an entrance alert and/or push button and also use the DCMA-2500 as a driveway sensor to alert you when anything enters your driveway or approaches your receiving door.

Great features of this Product:

-Range of up to 2,500 ft.
-Use as a push button, window/door contact, or a transmitter when integrated with a product that uses NO or NC terminals
-Expandable by adding more sensor and buttons, or adding more receivers
-One year manufacturer’s warranty

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