Give Me the Bottom Line: Long Range Doorbell Reviews

If you need a doorbell system for your business, or you have a larger home, this article gives you a quick review of our top wireless door chime products. Our best seller, the DC-1000 tops out at a range of up to 1,000 ft., while the more versatile LH-2500 has a range of up to 2,500 ft.

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A Long Range Doorbell for Warehouses and Offices

When you need a doorbell for your warehouse, office, or other commercial space, the type of wireless door chime you find at your local box store retailer won’t have the range you need. Building materials like concrete, steel, and more will dramatically cut-down the wireless range of any product.
To overcome this, you need a product with a higher power and range than standard residential products offer. This article outlines why these standard wireless door chime won’t work, factors you need to consider, and a couple of options offered at 1800doorbell.com

Category: Long RangePost Date: November 17, 2015