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How to Choose Right Entrance Alert Chime

With many products to choose from, choosing on the right entry alarm for your home or office might seem a little overwhelming at first. This short article provides a background on entrance alerts, different features, ranges, and the top three recommended models at 1800doorbell.com.

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Long Range Break Beam Entrance Alert System Bba 2500

Invisible Beam Entrance Alerts

We get calls almost daily from customers who are looking for an easy to install wireless entrance alert system with an “invisible beam.” At 1800doorbell.com, we carry a large variety of these products that send a passive infrared beam and when broken, generate a chime sound that alerts you to visitors.
With some many products to choose from, we are sure to have a solution that fits your specific needs.

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Does a Motion Sensor Dog Barking Alarm Really Work?

It’s better to deter crime rather than trying to chase-down a criminal after the crime has been committed. The Rex Barking Dog is product that does just that, deter crime. When set, a German Shepard bark is heard when someone approaches the door. Ready more about this product by clicking the link above

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