Reviews and Advice on Purchasing a Wireless Driveway Alarm System

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Reviews and Advice on Purchasing a Wireless Driveway Alarm System

At, we carry a large assortment of driveway alarm products, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of products featured in our driveway alarm shop. This articles offers driveway alarm reviews to help you choose between the top listed products on our website.

The Driveway Informer 2.0 – Wireless Driveway Alarms Like the ERA-DSDCR Keeps Intruders Away Model DI2000S-A – $99.98

Era-Dsdcr Long Range Wireless Alarm For Driveway By Safeguard Supply

At, our most popular (and most recommended) driveway alarm is the Driveway Informer 2.0 by Safeguard Supply.

It’s the best because it easily satisfies all the important requirements–and excels in all of the categories above. This is an easy-to-use, yet fully featured, alarm solution that is also cost-effective. We’ve received tons of positive feedback about the DI2000S-A.   We urge you to compare the Driveway Informer feature list below with your requirements. After that, we won’t be surprised if you decide that the Security 2020 (Model DI2000S-A) is the best solution for you.

Top 10 Driveway Informer features:

  • Covers the distance with an amazing range of 4000 feet.
  • Flexible with a 360-degree antenna allows line-of-sight adjustments. While direct line-of-site is ideal, the powerful transmitter should get a 4000 foot range in most cases.
  • Customizable for your needs, with up to four monitoring zones and unique audio alerts for each.
  • Expandable with an extra speaker option for an additional location (sold separately).
  • Integrates with your other automated home security products with an accessories connection for items like the Siren, Strobe or X-10 Interface.
  • Built in counter with digital display.
  • Long-life battery that handles lots of traffic (2-year life at 500 rings per day!)
  • User-friendly system is simple to use and install.
  • Cost effective system is manufactured to tough Military specifications. This driveway alarm will stand up to the elements. The Driveway Informer driveway alarm delivers great value and is built to last.

Top 10 LRA-DRV1000 – Wireless Driveway Alert Kit by Safeguard Supply – $59.98:

Lra-Drv1000A-Vew-2.JpgThe LRA-DRV1000 is a driveway alert kit in the LRA series of products by Safeguard Supply.  The outdoor rated PIR sensor detects movement and sends a wireless signal to a compatible receiver.  In this kit, the receiver is the LRA-DCRXA that features four zones, volume control, and best of all, a bright flashing strobe light you can turn on and off.  Like all products in the LRA series, all transmitters and receiver are compatible with one another so that you can expand the system by adding more transmitters and receivers to the kit.

  • 1,000 ft. range provides plenty of power to ensure your driveway alarm works when you need it to.
  • Expandable through adding as many receivers as you want.  Safeguard Supply offers different receiver types to include a plugin strobe receiver and a portable receiver.
  • Bright strobe light.  The receiver allows you the ability to use Sound Only (w/ volume control), Strobe Only, and Sound and Strobe together.


Driveway Signal Bell Kit 1 Model 8DSBS1  $149.98

Driveway Signal Bell Kit 1 8Dsbs1 V 2 1

This Signal Bell Kit is a replica of the old-time gas station driveway bell–the type that rings when somebody drives over the black rubber hose on the ground across a driveway. Customers often comment that this type of signal bell was used by full-serve gas stations in the 1950s. It can give your business a vintage or “old-timey” feel, and it’s simple to assemble. The ding-ding sound is loud enough to be heard from anywhere–even in a noisy and busy environment. This Driveway Signal Bell Kit won’t work on a gravel driveway, however.

  • Used on asphalt or concrete only
  • Plugs into electrical outlet
  • Printed with patent date of May 12, 1959, listed on the bell’s back and the packaging
  • Sensitive ball system works with up to 300 ft. hose

MURS-BS-Kit Wireless Driveway Alarm Model MURS-BS-KIT $151.88

Murs-Pir-Driveway-Alerts Dakota Motion Based Long Range Driveway Alarm – Base Station ReceiverWhen you have a really long driveway or far-away gate, or even a corral entrance that you would like to monitor for activity, this long-range system was made for you. Users of this alert typically find it useful that the receiver and monitor work on the same frequency that handheld walkie-talkies use. If you already own or want to purchase walkie talkies you can have a multi-use device to communicate over large properties like a big storage area or ranch.

  • Compatible with walkie talkies
  • Several-mile range
  • Battery powered transmitter uses (6 AA) which should last a year under most conditions
  • Detects movement within zone
  • Base plugs into electrical outlet
  • Base station with 4 zones with unique vocal alarms

Whether you’re interested in improved security or just need a warning before visitors turn up at your door, has many driveway alert options to fit your needs. These alarms can serve as a nice supplement to your home or business security system. Give us a call if you need assistance or have questions, before or after your purchase. Our customer service specialists are happy to help you choose the best solution for your property. We’re also here if you need support during installation, troubleshooting advice or information about accessories. Contact today.