Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable

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Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable

modern wireless doorbells offer more convenience, security and advanced, built-in, customization features than ever before.

Wi-Fi Doorbell Technology

One major innovation as more and more of our lives are connected via computer technology – is wi-fi. What wi-fi means to the doorbell concept is that you no longer even need to be at home to answer your doorbell. That’s right. It was bound to happen! Some of you may remember those days when you actually had to go home to listen to your messages – on a machine with a cassette inside. Yes, there was a time before voicemail. Well, today, smart video doorbells can connect to your smartphone via wi-fi – and allow you to hear and talk to visitors at your front door (or back door) whether you’re at home – or in another zip code completely.
The wi-fi doorbell technology can also be combined with motion sensing doorbells – so that even if the UPS guy (or gal) decides not to ring the doorbell, you will know they are there! Video doorbell capability is also part of the package for many wi-fi door alarms and doorbells – so you can not only hear someone at the door but see them, too, while you talk with them. It’s the next best thing to being there – and in many cases it might be better than being there. This modern doorbell technology is like being in two places at once!

Longer and Longer Range Doorbells

Another convenience that technology has brought is the ability to extend the range of the doorbell if your property is large or if you need to hear outdoors. Purchase a doorbell with an impressive range of 2500 feet – and you can even add additional range with a battery powered or plugin doorbell extender. There are many types of extenders compatible with different types of doorbells and 1800Doorbell offers a wide selection.

Programmable Doorbells

You may have heard of the incredible iChime Doorbell – if not please read on to our Top Doorbells section. The iChime is the foremost example of a customization doorbell that lets you add personality to your visitor (or customer) greetings. What makes the iChime best in this category is that you get an unbelievable choice of free doorbell sounds and tunes included with it. Beyond the variety of pre-programmed melodies, you can also record several of your own doorbell messages or sound effects!
Now, you can program in your own sound creations and program sounds to repeat more than once, too. Programmable and computerized doorbells are becoming more sophisticated every day. What’s next in doorbells? You can count on the doorbell gurus at to keep you up to date on the latest advanced doorbell innovations! Browse our website for the latest doorbell options and order conveniently online – or contact us anytime with your questions!

What’s the Latest in Doorbell Technology? Here are our Top 5 Modern Doorbells

Technology is churning along at the speed of light, these days, making our daily lives easier. Doorbells are certainly no exception. Today’s modern door chimes offer more convenience, security and built-in customizable features than ever before. Since it can be a little challenging to keep up with doorbell innovations, here are some of the best wi-fi and programmable doorbells on the market right now, according to the experts at, plus a look at what makes them so special:

Doorbell Plus Video and Intercom: A Versatile Combo for Security and Convenience

Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable
Some homes and businesses need more than just a doorbell. Some need the iVision intercom doorbell. They need to communicate with whoever is at the door. The two-way intercom doorbell is an excellent security and convenience feature.
If you have a large home and need time to get to the door, you can let the visitor know you are on your way. Without the intercom, you could end up listening to the bell being pressed over and over again – as you rush to make your way to the door. If you, the kids or an elderly grandparent are home alone, an intercom doorbell can give you the chance to find out who is on the other side of your door – providing you peace of mind and increased safety. Intercoms also make it simpler to get rid of unwelcome visitors or sales people. It can be hard to dislodge persistent sellers once you have opened the door – but with the doorbell intercom it’s less personal. And you don’t even need to walk over to the door.
If you accept deliveries for your business, just install a handy intercom doorbell – and you don’t need an extra employee to cover the delivery entrance. You can use your intercom to communicate with the delivery person. Depending on the type of business: retail, factory, warehouse, restaurant or other, you will find a multitude of uses for your intercom doorbell.

Hear your Doorbell from Almost Anywhere

Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable
The long-range door chime is a necessity in large homes or business settings. If gives you a transmitter/receiver range of 2500 feet from the door. If your home isn’t large, but you spend lots of time in the back yard or garage, the long range is an excellent solution for you. No need to worry about missing an important visitor or delivery!
Need more than 2500 feet? No problem, this door chime is expandable by adding additional transmitter (doorbell buttons) and/or receivers (doorbell speakers). In fact, you can even integrate this doorbell with home security systems! If you have a video camera at the front door, for example, or a motion sensor security system, this long-range model is a perfect add-on. C-relays allow you to combine the long-range doorbell with your security setup.

Good looks and Dependability: Craftmade and Carlon are Made for Each Other

Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable
This distinctively styled Carved Craftmade doorbell adds that special something to your home or business decor.  This doorbell looks so good on the outside, we wanted to be sure that it’s just as well built and well-designed on the inside.

The Chime Extender is a Doorbell Problem-Solver

Lra Ex1000 Extender Kit

Lra Ex1000 Extender Kit

Chime extender to the rescue! If you’re the outdoorsy type who enjoys the privacy of the back yard or garden quite often, it can be difficult to impossible to hear your doorbell. That is, unless you equip your doorbell with our outdoor chime extender. This tiny transmitter “listens” for the doorbell sound and sends a signal to the outdoor-rated wall-mounted receiver. This listening transmitter is compatible with all Heath-Zenith door chime receivers – so you can find receivers in lots of other styles that you can add on to the system. With this excellent doorbell solution, you can sit on your back porch and still hear your doorbell!
Do you have a special situation, which requires a special doorbell solution? Contact the experts at

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