Modern Doorbells & Their Future – Wi-fi Connected and Programmable

IVP-HU Handheld Receiver for Optex Video Door Intercom Security Camera

Lra Ex1000 Extender Kit[/caption]

Chime extender to the rescue! If you’re the outdoorsy type who enjoys the privacy of the back yard or garden quite often, it can be difficult to impossible to hear your doorbell. That is, unless you equip your doorbell with our outdoor chime extender. This tiny transmitter “listens” for the doorbell sound and sends a signal to the outdoor-rated wall-mounted receiver. This listening transmitter is compatible with all Heath-Zenith door chime receivers – so you can find receivers in lots of other styles that you can add on to the system. With this excellent doorbell solution, you can sit on your back porch and still hear your doorbell!
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May Lee, Customer Support Manager

May Lee, Customer Support Manager