Entrance Alerts and Driveway Alarm Receiver Sounds


Entrance Alerts and Driveway Alarm Receiver Sounds

Entrance Alerts, Exit Alarms, and Driveway Alert Receiver Sounds

On this page you will find a collection of sounds and/or melodies played by the different driveway alarms, entry alerts, and exit devices we carry on 1800doorbell.com.  We are continuing to build this list so if you want to hear a particular sound and it isn’t here, please check back as we are adding more sounds all the time.
If you have visited a similar page on our website, Door Chime Receiver Sounds, you might have noticed that many of the sounds found on that page are also on this page.  That’s because the same receiver (where the sound comes out of) might be the same receiver in a door chime kit and an entrance alert kit.  For example, the LRA-D1000 is a wireless door chime kit, while the LRA-C1000 is an entrance alert kit.  Both kits feature the same receiver, the LRA-DCRX.

What are Driveway Alarms, Entrance Alerts, and Exit Alarms anyway?

Before we get into the different sounds the receivers play, it’s important to understand what an entrance alert, driveway alarm, and exit alarm is.  Let me start of by saying that in most cases the same product or kit may be used as an entry alert or exit alarm, it just depends on how you want to use them.
Entrance (entry) Alert (Alarm):  These types of devices alert you when someone enters or passes through a monitor zone.  For example, you have a showroom and want to receive an instant alert when someone enters the showroom.  You might be busy in the office, but as soon as the door opens, an alert triggered, alerting you that someone has opened the front door.
Another example may be the a sensor on the front door of your gas station/convenience store.  You could be stocking the cooler and need to know when a new customer enters the store.  There are a variety of different sensors to choose from and the decision really comes down to what the entrance is like that you would like to monitor.
Driveway Alarms: The idea is similar to that of an entrance alert, but in this case you want to be alerted when a car enters your driveway or passes through a monitored zone.  For driveway alarms, the sensor/transmitter needs to be outdoor rated and is typically mounted at or near the driveway or other outdoor entrance.  When a car passes through a monitored zone, the sensor triggers and transmits a wireless signal to the receiver, thus alerting you that an automobile has entered your driveway.
Exit Alarms: The opposite of entrance alerts, where as you want an alert when someone exits an area.  A good example of this might be an emergency exit lock on a door.  If that door is opened, you want to know because it was either a) an unauthorized exit, or b) an emergency.  It is easy to imagine how the same products can serve dual roles.  The same entrance alert may tell you when someone enters you store, but also alert when someone leaves.

LRA Series of Long Range Entrance Alerts and Driveway Alarm

There are currently two different receivers features in the LRA series of products.  The LRA-DCRX is a battery operated (plug in is available) desktop or wall hanging receiver.  The LRA-VPRX is a portable receiver.  Each of these receivers has four different zones, allowing you to pair a transmitter (push button, motion sensor, etc.) to each zone and each zone will have a unique sound associated with that zone.
Below are three kits in the LRA series of products, along with the receivers that play these sounds.  The fact that all the products in the LRA series are compatible with one another means you can have multiple receivers, as well as multiple transmitters/sensor.

  • Safeguard Supply LRA-VPRX Long Range Portable Vibrating Chime Receiver

    GTIN 635963263591
    Model: LRA-VPRX
  • LRA-C1000 Wireless Door Contact Entry Alarm Kit with 1,000 ft. Range

    GTIN 635963263676
    Model: LRA-C1000
  • Motion Sensor Entry Alert Kit with Strobe Light Receiver, 1000 ft. Range

    GTIN 635963263669
    Model: LRA-M1000
  • LRA-DRV1000 Safeguard Supply Wireless Strobe Driveway Alarm Kit w/ 1000 ft. Range

    GTIN 635963263645
    Model: LRA-DR1000
  • LRA-DCRX Loud Flashing Strobe Battery Operated Receiver

    GTIN 635963263546
    Model: LRA-DCRX
  • LRA-EX100 Kit to Help Hear Your Doorbell Throughout Your Home

    GTIN 635963263928
    Model: LRA-EX1000
  • LRA-C1000S Anti Wandering Alert Chime Kit

    GTIN 719243611361
    Model: LRA-C1000S
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