Ding Dong! 8 Superb Reasons to Invest in a Business Door Chime

Ding Dong! 8 Superb Reasons to Invest in a Business Door Chime

Ding Dong! 8 Superb Reasons to Invest in a Business Door Chime

Ding Dong! 8 Superb Reasons To Invest In A Business Door Chime

When it comes to customer service, a quick and sufficient greeting is key. In fact, your employee’s inability to greet customers in a reasonable time frame can actually result in a poor first impression and forever loss of a customer. 

But how can you possibly greet all of your customers when you didn’t hear them come in? The solution? A business door chime.

From making it easier to acknowledge your customers to allowing for efficient workflow, there are numerous benefits of a door chime for your business’s success. 

Ready to invest in the best door chimes for businesses? Follow along to discover the eight undeniable reasons to take the plunge today. 

1. Security

Perhaps the most beneficial perk of an entrance alert for businesses is their impact on security. 

Whether you are busy with other customers or have your head stuck in the computer, it can be easy to miss a shoplifter without a little extra help from a door chime. 

Every time a customer enters and exits the building, you’ll be the first to know about it. While the door chime won’t alert you of products tucked in their pocket, the awareness of employees is often enough to deter a shoplifter from striking. 

At the very least, saying hello and making eye contact with each customer that walks through the door gives you a chance to identify a thief and reclaim lost product. 

2. Welcome Customers

As we mentioned above, a warm greeting is the starting point for a great customer experience. 

When customers aren’t acknowledged, they take the lack of attention as a sign that you don’t care to have their business. Not only will they have a poor first impression of your brand, but they may never return again. 

Even if you are busy with another customer, a door chime takes the pressure off for a quick response. Similar to the friendly chime of bells when you walked into your local cafe back in the ’90s, a door chime assures customers that you know of their arrival and will be around soon. 

This gives you the chance to come out from the back or quickly excuse yourself from your current customer interaction to let them know you’ll be with them shortly. 

3. Improve Customer Service

Just like we mentioned above, customers are relying on your employees to help them out when they enter the store. 

If your employees aren’t aware that customers are around, how can they possibly provide them with an excellent experience? 

business door chime helps you keep up with what’s going on in the store even if you are busy with other things. If your employees are expected to complete paperwork or spend time in the backroom when the front isn’t busy, a business door chime is an absolute must. 

4. Increase Productivity

On the other hand, if you’ve been leaving your employees out front to ensure no customer’s entry is ever missed, you’ll love how a door chime opens up space for efficiency.

Employees can invest their time in tasks outside of customer service such as stocking shelves, taking inventory, and doing paperwork during opening hours. When a customer enters, they will be alerted and can promptly change their task to suit.

This will save you from paying multiple employees to complete a job that just one or two could complete on a slow day. 

5. Track Customer Stats

The best way to maximize sales is to understand your customer experience. 

If you are only tracking sales, you might be missing out on valuable information that could indicate how to grow and scale your business.

Let’s say for example that you completed 15 transactions on a Tuesday afternoon. This could indicate that business was slow that afternoon, however, the sales don’t necessarily reflect the traffic. 

With customer stats, you then discover that 80 people entered your business on that same afternoon. So why did only 15 people make a purchase? 

With this information, you now have a starting point to investigate where the wheels are falling off in your sales approach and take steps to improve your strategy. 

6. Reduce Employee Theft

It may come as a surprise to learn that employee theft is actually far more common than shoplifting. In fact, theft by employees is one of the biggest security threats for any company. 

Again, alert chimes do not act as a metal detector or stop your employees from stealing valuable information from your systems. What they can do is alert you of suspicious activity by your employees. 

If your employee is entering and exiting the building when they shouldn’t be, you’ll have a heads up to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand. 

7. Delivery Notification

There’s nothing more annoying than missing a delivery because no one was in to sign for it. Save yourself the time and energy of rearranging delivery by setting up an entry alert and never missing another drop-off.

Just like when customers arrive, employees will be notified when the delivery man shows up and no deliveries will run the risk of being returned to sender. 

8. Multi-Door Awareness

Do your employees, customers, and deliveries come and go from more than one door? Keep track of every door by installing entrance alerts at each point of entry. 

With different chimes for each door, you can keep track of all comings and goings with ease. 

This reduces the chances of the wrong person getting in your back room or employees sneaking out early from their scheduled shift. 

You can rest assured you have a solid grasp on everything happening inside your business. 

Choosing Your Business Door Chime 

Now that you know the eight essential reasons to install a business door chime in your establishment, it’s time to take action. Keep your business safe, efficient, and customer-focused with the best door chimes for business. 

Ready to install but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us today to discover which entrance alert is best for your business and get on your way to becoming a better business.