Get Creative! The Most Interesting Doorbell Ideas…Ever

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Get Creative! The Most Interesting Doorbell Ideas…Ever

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DIY Doorbell: Wallpaper Your Doorbell Cabinet

Creative Uses for Versatile Doorbell Components

If any of the following problems sound familiar, let us help you plan a doorbell setup to fit your unique needs!

Doorbell Buzzers: To Call Out the Bears

Wdk-Era-Kit-Buzz Warehouse Chime Kit With Loud Add-On Options

PROBLEM: Zoo doorbell needed for bear training! A customer from a zoo wanted to train the polar bears to come out into public view in their exhibit area at the sound of a buzzer.

This customer used the LH-2500 long-range wireless doorbell kit, with the DH920 buzzer wired into the ‘C’ relays on back of the receiver. The push button was mounted outside the cage. The buzzer receiver was placed inside the cage. When pushed, the push button triggered a wireless signal sent to the receiver, activating the buzzer sound.

Driveway Alarms: Help to Protect Your Property Fence Line – and Your Cattle

Driveway Informer Di2000S A V 6 1 1

PROBLEM: Darned cows breaking through the fence line and wandering off!

  • 1800DOORBELL SOLUTION: The rancher used the Di2000S-A Driveway Informer at each corner of the fence line where his cows were kept. When wandering cows passed the fence line, the driveway alarm receiver triggered to warn the ranch hands. No more lost cows!

Entrance Alerts: Help Protect a Family Member with Dementia

  • PROBLEM: Dad keeps wandering off in the night. A woman had an elderly parent (father) with dementia living with her family. Believe it or not, her dad opened his window one night and crawled out in his pajamas. The next morning the police called from a nearby city. Apparently Dad had walked miles to a train station and was trying to go somewhere.
  • 1800DOORBELL SOLUTION: The LRA-C1000 Long Range Entry Alert w/ Strobe – in this case used as an EXIT alert. The alert device was installed over the door of the elderly dad’s bedroom and exterior windows. If the windows were opened, a chime sound would generate from the receiver, alerting the family that Dad is taking a midnight stroll – giving the family time to head him off and keep him safe.

Special Doorbells for Special Needs

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