Reviews & Advice on Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell

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Reviews & Advice on Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell

Best Wireless Doorbell Systemmiss out on a lot – friends, family, PIZZA! There’s no reason to deal with the inconvenience, missed connections and safety compromise of being without a doorbell. Don’t hesitate – check out the specs on some of the best wireless doorbells on the market.  Today’s options offer affordable, easy to install and creative ways to improve your home or business environment – with no hard wiring or transformer required. Just mount the button, plug in the speaker(s) and go. For more information on installation, visit our How to Install a Doorbell article.

Wireless Doorbells: Simple, Economical Security & Business Boost

If you’re running a business without a proper doorbell or sensor, you could be losing valuable customers or missing deliveries! No doorbell at home? You could miss a friend or family member who needs to talk with you – when you don’t hear their knock at your door. You could also end up chasing important packages to the Post Office or waiting for re-delivery. Even worse, you could lose a package entirely if the delivery person chooses to leave it at your door. A thief, the wind or even the neighbor’s dog could carry it off . Let’s face it – you need to know if someone is at your door for safety reasons, too. You can’t afford to be out of the loop. What if the fire department or neighbor needs to warn you of an emergency? Why risk it? Increase your peace of mind at home, and keep your business safe and profitable, with a wireless doorbell that fits your needs.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Doorbell for Home or Business

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of affordable options. Use the expert tips below to save time and avoid frustration when searching for just the right wireless doorbell:

  • Mid-price is nice: With a technology purchase, such as a wireless doorbell, you do get what you pay for. You can find chimes priced from $20 to $100 or more. The cheapest models are likely to be completely ineffective and a waste of money. At a moderate price of about $35 you can get a dependable doorbell with some nice safety and convenience features for home use. For a larger home or a business, you might pay a higher price – and get extras like long range, motion sensing and custom tones.
  • Quality clues:  Buy from a local merchant or online door chime company with a(n):
    • Expert reputation, specializing in wireless security products, residential and professional installations. You can profit from the seller’s experience with the real-world performance of different brands and learn more about features that fit your needs.
    • Good return policy. You should be able to test the doorbell device without fear that you’ll be stuck with one you don’t like or cannot use.
    • Manufacturer or brand warranty protecting the product against faulty technology, electronics or workmanship, including parts and labor. Ideally, the manufacturer warranty will extend to the online store or local retailer’s guarantee. Make sure to check before purchasing.
    • Good reviews. Look for positive feedback about the product, brand and seller.
  • Volume indoors: Is the doorbell you’re considering loud enough to reach throughout the house or business? Initially you can select by comparing manufacturer specs and getting expert advice from a respectable company on specific models. Just be sure to test the doorbell once you receive it. Check that you can hear it from every room in your home. On most models, you can choose from a few different sounds and adjust the volume. If the doorbell isn’t audible from all areas, be sure that you have the option to add extra speakers to carry the sound everywhere within your home or business.
  • Audible outdoors: If the doorbell can’t be heard by the visitor, then they will likely just keep pressing that button.  If your doorbell has at least a 2 1/2″ speaker, it should be able to produce enough sound for an average sized home – and be heard by the visitor outside. You may need larger speakers, up to 5 inches, and more of them, for a larger home or a business.
  • Good range: A good mid-range transmission distance to look for in a wireless doorbell is about 150 feet. This is the distance from the wireless doorbell’s button (transmitter) to the speaker (wireless receiver). No matter what range is promised on the packaging, check its performance in your environment.
  • Expandable options: Most wireless doorbell systems allow you to add extra doorbell push buttons (transmitters) and/or additional plug-in speakers (receivers). This gives you the option to add doorbell buttons at the back door, for example, and also add speakers/receivers in an office or upstairs bedroom.
  • Battery life: The outdoor button(s) on most wireless doorbells are battery-powered. Power consumption is usually minimal, so batteries should last about a year. Things like cold weather can shorten battery life, so check monthly and replace batteries as needed.
  • Durability: Wireless doorbell buttons are made of plastic, as metal construction may interfere with wireless signals. Make sure the plastic housing seems sturdy enough to stand up to visitor or customer use – and withstand your climate – including hot/cold weather, rain and snow.
  • Decor: Business owners may prefer a sleek and simple plastic doorbell for a more professional look.  Doorbell buttons (transmitters) are fairly small, so finding one to match and blend with your front door or entrance area decor should be fairly simple. You can choose door chime speaker covers in larger, ornate and decorative designs to enhance the style of your home or building.

Useful Extra Features Found on the Best Wireless Doorbell Systems

  • Long range: If you have a large home or business, you may need a longer-range wireless model, with a longer transmission distance from the door chime’s button to the indoor speaker(s). The top models feature changeable codes to avoid interference in your home or office and from other neighboring doorbells.
  • Motion sensor: If your doorbell is the primary source of your home or business’ security, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more to get premium quality and dependability – including a motion sensor. The sensor adds an extra measure of security because you’re alerted even before the person presses the doorbell or if they open/reach though a window.
  • Custom tones: You can add a little style and personality to your home or business by choosing a novelty wireless doorbell. Some models will play a few notes of Beethoven or a pop song when someone rings the bell. Most wireless doorbell models offer a range of tones and volume control, even if they don’t play a tune.

Wireless Doorbell Installation Tips

  • Basic installation: Wireless, of course, means that you don’t have to be an electrician to install the latest doorbells. Simple battery-powered wireless doorbell models can be owner-installed quickly and easily. The outdoor push-button (transmitter) may come with a stick-on back, or may be screwed into place. Attachment hardware for wireless doorbells is generally included with your purchase. Some types of wireless doorbell systems do require professional installation, however. Some companies selling higher-end wireless door chime systems may offer free or low-cost installation.
  • When installing on or near metal doors: Metal can shorten or interfere with the doorbell’s transmission range. If you’re using the wireless doorbell or window sensor for your business, and even some homes, and installing it on metal or partially-metal doors or door frames – here’s a hint: Try adding a small wood shim under the button (between it and the wall or door frame) to help get around any signal problems.
  • Be sure to test: After installation, test the loudness and all other features mentioned here before throwing away your doorbell’s packaging. Retain receipts in case you need to use your warranty in future.

After-purchase Maintenance

Maintenance is simple for the typical wireless doorbell system. Just check the batteries about once per month, although they should last much longer. Check the speaker/receivers (plugged into electrical outlets) now and then in case an electrical surge has occurred and damaged it. When going on vacation, unplug your doorbell speakers, to be certain that lightning, for example, won’t cause a surge while you’re away.

The Bottom Line on Wireless Doorbells

A commercial or residential wireless door chime is a smart choice for better security and peace of mind, more convenience and better service. These cost-effective door chime devices pay for themselves over time. A mid-range priced wireless doorbell (about $35) will likely offer all the quality construction and dependability you’ll need for the average home. For larger homes or businesses, you may require longer range or extra speakers – and may pay a bit more. A motion detector feature is a great safety measure, and may add a bit to the overall price of your wireless doorbell. Choose a self-installed model to save money and count on good customer support if you’ve chosen your seller or online store wisely.

Top Wireless Doorbells

Lra-D1000S Door Chime For The Hard Of Hearing With A Bright Strobe Light Plug-In Receiver

Wireless Door Chime Kit by Carlon That Installs in Minutes! Model LRA-D1000S $49.98

By Safeguard Supply, this plug-in wireless doorbell kit is easy to install and use. The set features the model LRA-PBTXA wireless doorbell push-button plus the LRA-DCRXS, plug-in receiver/speaker.  The chime receiver has 3-levels of operation (Sound, Strobe, Sound + Strobe) and plays 18 different sounds. There’s no chance of interference from a nearby doorbell – with over 100,000 privacy codes available.

Lithium batteries are included in the push button transmitter. Simply mount the doorbell button at your entrance and plug the chime receiver into an indoor outlet.

  • Up to 1,000 ft. range (from doorbell button to plugin door chime speaker/receiver)
  • 18 melodies
  • Speaker/receiver plugs into standard 120V AC electrical outlet .
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Kit ships with 1 push-button.
  • Expandable with all LRA Products? 

Lra-D1000A With White Push Button

Battery (Optional Plug) Wireless Door Chime Kit with Strobe & 1,000 Ft. Range Model LRA-D1000S $49.98

From Safeguard Supply, this long-range, wireless doorbell transmits up to 1,000 feet. Expand the capacity of the door chime by adding up to 3 more push buttons or sensors. When used with the optional door/window sensor contact, you can protect windows from unknown intruders, too. With the sensor in place, the doorbell activates if/when the door or window is opened. Range can be shortened by metal or obstacles between transmitter (bell button) and speaker. For troubleshooting assistance to get the most out of your doorbell, contact the knowledgeable customer service teamat 1800Doorbell.

  • Up to 1000 ft. range
  • 32 different melodies
  • Speaker/receiver plugs into standard 120V AC electrical outlet.
  • Bright, flashing LEDs can flash when the bell sounds, or use sound and LED light separately.
  • Works well for the hearing impaired at home and also in commercial or industrial settings where there’s lots of noise.
  • Provides inexpensive added door security and/or window security when used with optional window sensors.
  • Four zones can be used. Assign one push-button (or sensor) per door or window.
  • 12-volt Plugin Adapter available
  • Add-on Wireless Push-Button available
  • Magnetic Door or Window Contact /Sensors available

Wc180 Flashing Strobe Wireless Chime Kit For Hard Of Hearing

Flashing Doorbell with Strobe Light Flashes with Door Chime Sound Model WC180 $32.98

By Safeguard Supply, this Wireless Door Chime was designed especially for the hearing impaired – or anyone else who wants a visual alarm signal, in addition to an audible doorbell. This flashing doorbell works great for a hard-of-hearing relative or for any loud environment or workplace. This model both flashes a strobe light andrings loudly to alert you that you have a visitor. Over 30 privacy code options help avoid any false alarms from a nearby doorbell.

  • Flashing light-and-sound doorbell.
  • The WC-180 wireless doorbell kit for the hearing impaired includes 1 wireless button (transmitter) and 1 plug-in chime/receiver (speaker).
  • Range reaches up to 150 ft. (For 1000 ft. range, order the DC-1000 wireless door chime kit with flashing LED light.)
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Add-on Wireless Push-Button available
  • Magnetic Door or Window Contact Sensors available

Wireless doorbells can significantly improve your home or business environment. The best choices offer a wide variety of pleasant sounds and melodies, visual alerts, added security features and convenience. They are reasonably priced and simple to install. Some will even add a designer decorative element to your home or office entry. If you’d like expert advice on choosing the best doorbell for your home or business, contact 1800Doorbell today.