The 20 Most Ridiculous Redneck Doorbells

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The 20 Most Ridiculous Redneck Doorbells

Regular doorbells are for the suburbs where people have big, fancy houses to put ‘em on and fewer but newer cars (and they all run).

Living the redneck high life you’ve got your own special style and you don’t need any of those fancy things. Or maybe your doorbell broke and Wal-Mart is just so far away and none of your cars work and they want so much for those dang things anyway. No matter: there’s so many ways to make your own redneck doorbell.

You Might Be a Redneck If You Own One Of These Doorbells

1. Bear Trap Doorbell

When was the last time anyone caught a bear in these parts? Musta been Jed back in ’86. At least here’s a way to put those traps to good use. Bonus: doubles as a “No Soliciting” sign.

2. Altoids Tin Doorbell

Ate the whole tin and it didn’t do nothing for your breath?  At least the tin’s good for something.

3. Beer Can and Shotgun Shells Doorbell

Now that’s one anybody could make. Helpful tip: use an empty beer can and shot shells.

4. Bear Trap Redneck Doorbell

Now you’re getting fancy. Where do you think this is—the Ritz?

5. Bottle of Rocks Doorbell

Important tip: use a plastic bottle. Joe Bob’s trigger finger barely works after he broke our first one.

6. Sportsman Animal Sounds Doorbell

Pro: Deer can’t pull no “candygram” trick on you. Con: Uncle Billy might shoot the first few.

7. Basic Bear Trap Doorbell

All your friends have one of these. You know how it works. You don’t need no instructions.

8. Coors Light Can Doorbell

For those who want to show off their fine taste in imported beers.

9. Deer Butt Doorbell

Ya already put the head up somewhere, right? Might as well use the butt, too. And it comes with the a hole in it already, so that’s some time saving right there.

10. Doe Butt Doorbell

Because putting your finger in a boy deer’s butt may seem just a little too…

11. Another Bear Trap Doorbell

Just in case some of your friends don’t know where the button, the color helps.

12. DIY Mouse Trap Doorbell

Variation for small game hunters. (Hey, mice is good eating, if you get enough of ‘em.)

13. Homemade Electronic Doorbell

Words and pictures, that’s getting real artsy-fartsy, ain’t it?

14. Hammer and Pan Doorbell

Say what you want about rednecks, but they’re always good hosts. “Company’s here” also means, “food’s on.”

15. Loose Wires Doorbell

Are you sure your friends can figure that out? They ain’t no electrical geniuses or nothing.

16. Fancy Mouse Trap Doorbell

For small game hunters with class.

17. Pistol Doorbell Cover

Because the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun . . . door bell.

18. Revolver Barrel Doorbell

Kinda like Russian roulette, ain’t it? Close your eyes and see what you get.

19. Triangle Doorbell

Because you had to do something with it when your chuck wagon food truck didn’t pass health inspection (apparently road kills ain’t “sanitary” or whatever).

20. Just Yell Ding Dong Doorbell

Or “sooee” or whatever else you’re used to yellin. Don’t use your animal calls, though. Uncle Billy’s aim isn’t what it once was, but he’s still a pretty good shot.

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