Invisible Beam Entrance Alerts Photo Reflective Break Beam Sensors

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Invisible Beam Entrance Alerts Photo Reflective Break Beam Sensors

Balert Beam Entrance Alerts

Typically, these products use a narrowly focused infrared beam that goes between two sensor type devices; one of which produces and one that receives.  When the beam in interrupted, the chime or sound goes off alerting you to customers. The technology is pretty simple when you think about it and this handy product is a great solution for any business. Beam Entrance Alerts typically use either PIR (Passive Infrared) or break beam (reflector shoots beam back, triggered when broken) to detect motion or movement through a monitored zone.

They are in essence, an integral part of your customer service team. They can serve multiple purposes, although they are most often used as part of a much larger security type system. With an invisible beam, it is no longer necessary to hover around the front door, waiting for the next customer.

These versatile products can also be used at home to keep people from entering your home, if need be. They are a great addition to any home security system and they are especially useful for people who simply cannot hear a knock at the door. Typically the chimes are adjustable, so they can be raised or lowered to the perfect pitch.

Beam Entrance Alerts Offer Practical, Present-Day Uses

It seems that in the end, the invisible beam is not really a thing of the future, but a handy application that can be used right here and right now, for a myriad of purposes.  Entrance alerts are great products and may be used to greatly enhance your current security or customer services programs.  Here are some popular options:

  • Era Prdcr Strobe G
    ERA-PRDCR-STROBE Warehouse & Business Motion Entry Alert Strobe Chime Kit
  • Bbt-4000 Solar Powered Break Beam Sensor
    Dakota Alert BBT-4000 Solar Powered Break Beam Sensor/Transmitter Pair
  • Balert Enforcer Add On Speaker V 1
    SECO-LARM Beam Alert Reflector Entry Alert Kit Add-On Speaker
  • Model BALERT – Beam Alert for monitoring doorways and other applications
  • Model DCMA-4000- A Dakota Driveway Alarm with Long Range Power
  • ERA-DSDCR – Wireless Driveway Alarms Like the ERA-DSDCR A Keep Intruders Away by Alerting You When an intruder approaches
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