Optex DRV-RCTD-20U-Series 2,000 ft. Range Driveway Alarm/ Entry Alert

Optex DRV-RCTD-20U-Series 2,000 ft. Range Driveway Alarm/ Entry Alert


Simply put, this is one of the best wireless driveway alarm products available on the market today.  Manufactured by Optex, a long time leader in the wireless sensor arena, this product will notify you when someone or something enters your driveway or monitored area.

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Do you need an alert when a customer enters your store? What about a chime sound when a car enters your driveway or property? What about notifications when a delivery is out by the loading dock? The unique sensor head rotates to allow it to detect movement over a doorway, entrance, outdoor area or wherever you need it most.

When you want a long range wireless driveway alarm or entry alert with versatility and expand ability unmatched in the marketplace today, you cannot pass up the Wireless 2000 RCTD-20U by Optex. When designing this product, the manufacturer thought of everything.

If you look in the right places you will see the RCTD-20U in retail stores and residences all over the world, this product sends an alert chime to the user when something passes through the monitored zone. The transmitter uses a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) that triggers when it detects a combination of heat and movement. Once triggered, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to the plug in receiver.

The transmitter is outdoor and indoor rated (IP54 weather rating) and features a unique sensor head that you rotate order to change the detection zone pattern. It is powered by a 9V alkaline or lithium battery (not included) and features a small LED light that will indicate when it detects motion and a weak battery status. There are a variety of mounting options available for this unit. You can wall mount or sit flat on a table or other flat surface.

You can configure the sensor (rotating the head) to set the detection zone pattern. The “F” (fan) pattern creates more of a triangular detection zone pattern that makes it great over doorways, on the wall looking across a doorway, or sitting on the counter across a hallway. The mounting height,or distance from the wall will determine how large the detection zone will be. For example, at a mounting height of 8 feet, the unit will emit a detection zone in a triangular shape of 7ft. x 1 ft., while mounting it 17ft. in high will create a 14ft. x 2ft. zone.

In the “L” (long-range) setting, the transmitter sends out more of a straight line detection zone. This setting is great for driveway alarms, to determine when delivery trucks arrive, or directly across the entrance. Retail stores in a mall would use this setting to shoot the beam across the entrance as the “F” setting may detect movement as customers move close to the exit/entrance while merely shopping.

The receiver is powered by a 9VDC adaptor (included) and features a “form C” relay for integration with other devices (50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max) and an adjustable duration output. The receiverplaysone of three chime tunes and lights up an LEDwhen it is triggered by the transmitter. The receiver will work with up to 9 compatible transmitters such as a push button, door/window contact, PIR sensors, extenders, and more. See below for a complete list of compatible transmitters. The receiver has a volume control adjustment from level 0 (muted) to level 4.

  • Kit ships with one PIR transmitter and one receiver
  • The receiver is powered by a 9V DC adaptor (included) and the transmitter is powered by a 9V battery (not included)
  • Max distance from the transmitter to receiver is up to 2,000 ft., line of site.  Please note that environmental factors will reduce the range.  To increase the range we recommend the TR-20U relay/extender which will extend the range by approximately 1,000 ft.
  • Form C relay available with duration settings for integration with other devices
  • Operates at 418 Mhz with privacy codes available to prevent interference
  • Adjutsible volume control – mute to 80dB max
  • Receiver is indoor rated only, transmitter is outdoor rated
  • Operating temperature is 15F – 120F
  • Works with a variety of additional receivers and transmitters (see compatible devices below OR consult provided document titled
  • You may add up to 8 transmitters per receiver
  • Plays three different chime sounds with 1 alarm sound
  • LED lights when sensor in a corresponding zone is triggered
  • Manufactured by Optex
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


Additional accessories available:

RC-20U: this is the chime receiver for the Optex Wireless 2000, indoor rated. Additional receiver may be added to extend the listening area and/or pair with certain transmitters.

TD-20U: wireless PIR sensor transmitter, outdoor rated.   This is the sensor/transmitter included in this kit.

TS-20U: wireless push button transmitter, outdoor rated.

TC-10U: wireless door/window transmitter, outdoor rated.

TR-20U: wireless relay to increase transmission range.

Optexis a world leader in optical detection products such as PIR and Laser sensors.  The products are manufactured in Japan and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional information


Optex 2000 Series





Kit Or Accessory


Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Live 12V DC Output
Visual Indicator
Volume Control

Wireless Range

2000 ft.

Sensor Type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

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